Tuesday, 27 January 2015

31 Days Of Basic Beauty

Day 25 - The New Food Pyramid.

I truly think that to feel  beautiful we must feed our bodies with healthy foods such as a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, nuts and legumes.
 A lot of the time I eat way too many sweets but since moving house we have not been able to afford luxuries like chocolate and soft drink. I have been living off a (surprisingly cheap) diet of vegetables, fruits, rice, Gluten Free pasta and a treat of dried fruit and nut mix with chunks of cacao in it, yum!

What is the food pyramid? The food pyramid is a pyramid shaped diagram of  the optimal number of servings to be eaten each day of a food group. The first food pyramid was published in Sweden in 1974.

I remember having a conversation with my Naturpoth and he mentioned that the government will be bringing out a new food pyramid soon so I had to check it out myself. As you can see the old food pyramid advised that a person eats 6-11 general servings of bread. pasta or cereal a day. Thats a lot!

The new food pyramid recommends their serving size in ounces rather than one general portion. The new food pyramid also bases their foundation on daily exercise and weight control. Why? because those two elements are linked to staying healthy and the amount of food you consume can keep you in a healthy weight range along with regular exercise.

This new food pyramid gives a much better idea on how we can all balance our diets to make the best out of our bodies. If we eat well, our bodies benefit from the vitamins and minerals fresh food brings.

Because your Beautiful

Have Fun!

Renee x

Sorry guys ! Due to my moving house and lack of internet recently, I will be unable to complete the rest of my 31 Days Of Basic Beauty within January. But it will be finished none the less.

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  1. Thanks for sharing the updated pyramid! I remember seeing the original one in my old science textbooks back in high school, lol. Sadly, not too many people are aware of the updated pyramid.


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