Friday, 2 January 2015

31 Days Of Basic Beauty

Day 2 - Eye Shapes

Today we are having a look at eye shapes. I feel that knowing your eye shape can really help to determine how to apply your eye makeup to best suit your features.

What Is Your Eye Shape?

Almond Eyes:
  • Eyes resemble an almond.
  • Perfectly Symmetrical with slightly up-swept corners
  • Considered the most versatile shape for applying makeup
Hooded Eyes:
  • Eye lid appears hidden
  • Natural crease is less visible
Down Turned Eyes: 
  • Slight drop in the outer corner of the eye.
Deep/Wide Set Eyes:
  •  More than one eyeball width apart.
Close Set Eyes:
  • Less than one eyeball width apart.
Protruding/Round Eyes:
  • Larger and rounder than Almond eyes
  • Whites of eyes are usually more visible
  • Create an appearance of projecting lids on eye ball.
Celebrity Eye Shapes

Almond Eyes
Gwen Stephani

Hooded Eyes
Jennifer Laurence

Down Turned Eyes
Camille Belle

Deep/Wide Set Eyes
Emily Browning

Close Set Eyes
Sarah Jessica Parker

Protruding/Round Eyes
Emmy Rossum

I hope you enjoyed looking at all those interesting eye shapes. Did you recognise yours? A little hint for tomorrow: remember your face shape...

Because your Beautiful

Have Fun!

Renee x

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