Friday, 23 January 2015

31 Days of Basic Beauty

Day 22 - Concealer Basics

Many years ago when I started my interest in makeup I was completely baffled by concealers. I didn't know what colour would suit me and I was confused by all the choices out there, so...
What types of concealers are there? Heaps! Here is a run down:

  • Liquid Concealer: Creates buildable coverage and can be used on most skin types except on very dry skin. Liquid concealer suits blemishes because it's not as likely to cake up. Liquid concealers are ideal for covering wrinkles because of the light texture.
  • Stick Concealer: Stick Concealers come in a semi-solid texture somewhat like a lipstick. They are travel friendly and easy to use. They give a medium to heavy coverage and are best applied with a clean finger tip or a concealer brush. Stick concealers are great for the undereye area and around the nose and mouth. They suit normal, dry and sensitive skin types.
  • Cream Concealer: Usually found in a pot or palette, creamy concealers are best for under the eye or for covering up brown spots. These type of concealers tend to be thick and require a good blending technique using fingers, sponge or a brush. Best for dry, combination, normal or sensitive skin.
  • Cream-to-powder Concealer: My favourite type of concealer because I like using powder foundations. These types of concealers are usually found in a palette and come in a creamy formula, once it is blended in it leaves a powdery matte finish. These concealers are best for normal to sensitive skin. 
  • Colour Correcting Concealer: Found in a palette or a stick, this type of concealer is used when a flesh tone concealer doesn't cover up severe skin discolouration. Make sure you apply lightly and blend them in well so they don't appear under your foundation. The colours are for different purposes:

Lavender: Neutralises yellow or a sallow complexion
Yellow: Counteracts dark purple tones, such as under eye circles or scarring.
Green: Neutralises redness including rosacea.
Pink: Can liven up very pale skin tones and neutralise blue cast.
Orange/ Salmon: Neutralises blue,deep purple and even greyish tones on deep skin tones.

Because Your Beautiful

Have Fun!

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