Sunday, 20 December 2015

Christmas Celebrations!

Christmas with Colour Theory

Only a few more days until Christmas and I think this is a great time to talk about the Colour Theory Christmas Collection*.
I was sent a decent amount of products to really get a feel of these products, so here we go!

Firstly I must talk about the Oh Brow Beautiful! Brow Palette. I don't really fill in my brows but I am really impressed with this functional and travel friendly set.This palette contains everything a girl needs to start getting her brows into shape and looking fine. It consists of three pressed powders in light, medium and dark. Two shimmer eye shadows are included along with a wax to keep everything in place. Added extras include the brow pencil, a small set of tweezers and a brush duo for the eyeshadows.

The Drop Dead Glamorous Lip Gloss Set has seven mini lip glosses that are perfect if you can't decide what gloss you want to buy. I find mini lip glosses are really handy if you have a tendency to leave them all over the house and lose them, at least I have back ups! All of these glosses have a sparkle to them, some with a hint of shimmer and most with larger glitter for more a glam look. I noticed a candy scent coming from all the glosses as well. This pack has colours ranging from light pink, bright Barbie-style pink to dark plum. I feel that this pack would be perfect for your little sister or niece that is just starting to play with makeup.

I think that these Jumbo Lip Crayons are a bit more grown up and are perfect to throw in a handbag
 on the way to a Christmas Party or to pack with you for holidays. A combination of lip gloss, balm and lip-stick these easy to apply crayons are so versatile! I received the colours Sweet Tart and Rosewood, both beautiful in their own right. The Sweet Tart is a blue-based bright pink, that will add a pop to any makeup took. Rosewood in a deeper, more serious colour set to add drama to an evening look. All the crayons can be applied by gently tapping the crayon onto the lips for a hint of colour or to amp up the colour, apply lipliner that's the same shade before adding the crayon on top.

Sweet Tart left and right Rosewood.

The Snowflake Eyeshadow Palette is so pretty to look at! I am pleasantly surprised at the colour pay-off and how creamy these eyeshadows feel. This palette has 30 different colours that are either pearled, shimmer or fine glitter. It would have been nice to see a couple of matte shades in there also but that's not the case for this palette. Some of the colours are very similar, there seems to be 12 golds all with slight variations of tone. Nevertheless I can see that many, many makeup looks can be made with this eye shadow palette.

All these products can be found at Amcal pharmacy or Colour Theory can be found online at:

Have a fun festive season!

Renee x

Sunday, 13 December 2015

Christmas Celebrations

Dr Hauschka Lavender Natural Goodness Kit.

Anything with Lavender is my favourite. So when I heard of these gorgeous kits that have come out just in time for Christmas I had to try them. 

Not only do the Natural Goodness Kits* rrp $29 have a bit of everything for your bathing requirements but they still ensure that they are a decent travel size with the great Dr Hauschka quality. There is  also a Lemon scented kit but I could not turn down my love of Lavender. The entire collection have the same subtle Lavender scent that even the most sensitive noses will not find offensive.

The Calming Bath Essence has a milk texture that gives a beautiful aroma to any bath. I actually used this for my daughter before her bed time and it makes her smell gorgeoous. It ceated a creamy looking bath that feels just luxurious.
The Calming Body Oil creates a silky smooth layer of hydration before quickly adsorbing into the skin. This oil leaves a light scent and is perfect to layer with any of the Lavender shower and bath products.
As always, with a kit of four products there will be a couple that really take your fancy. Well, for me it was the beautiful Lavender Sandalwood Calming Body Wash and the Lavender Sandalwood Calming Body Cream.
The body wash has a light creamy texture that lathers up surprisingly well with water. It delivers the same amazing, calming scent as the other products in the kit and it feels very luxurious.

I have been pairing it with the Body Lotion and I have enjoyed the moisturising feeling this gives my skin. This small tube has lasted me about a week but I have been careful about not applying too much  product as I wanted it to last. I have put the Body Wash on my Christmas List because it it such a lovely fragrance to end the day with.

Above is a sample of the Body Oil and the Body Cream
These little gift packs would make a gorgeous Christmas gift for co-worker, best friend, mother or sister. It gives a chance for the receiver to relax after the busy Christmas season!

What's your favourite product?

Have Fun!

Renee x

Saturday, 12 December 2015

Christmas Celebrations

 Lush Christmas 2015

Christmas is just around the corner and what better way to celebrate yet another Christmas than to head to Lush and check out their Christmas range.

Star Dust Bath Bomb (front)

 Holly Go Lightly Bubble Bar

Salt and Peppermint Bark (left), Yog Nog Soap (right)

Star Dust: This bath Bomb didn't last very long! It smelt so good I had to use it immediately. It has an exotic scent of vanilla and Peruvian Rosewood, so its an earthy and floral. The star is covered in shimmery powder and has a bright blue centre. It fizzes and changes colour and sparkles, what a feast for the eyes!

Holly Go Lightly Bubble Bar: To me this bar really smells like a fruit Christmas pudding. A generous sized bubble bar when used wisely can last a few baths and I intend on using this at length. It has a warm and comforting scent to it and reminds me of a cold, white Christmas. The main oils are lime oil, patcholi oil, and cinnamon leaf oil. A great combination for a green and sparkly bubble bar.

Salt and Peppermint Bark: I am so excited to try this! I love the Lush Big Buffy which is an exfoliting bar and I'm hoping I will get similar results with this one too. This is hard bar in enticing green with pink specks throughout, so it looks interesting. That's really the only reason I bought it but it has a subtle peppermint scent that is sure to feel cooling on the skin.

Yog Nog Soap: This soap was added s a sample. it has a sweet toffee scent and is the perfect scent if you are a fan of sweet things. This is not my favourite scent as I prefer earthy (figs and leaves soap) and citrus scents (bohemian soap) but I will certainly use it.

Have Fun!

Renee x

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Native Box *Beauty* Spring 2015

Spring Surprises!

The Spring Native Box is here! Lets see what is inside:

Evohe 3.6.9 Omega: With active ingredients such as Brazil nut oil and Arctic Cloudberry seed, this hydrating serum has a number of uses. This can be applied during the day as a moisturiser or as a base for smooth application of makeup. I have a different serum on the go at the moment so this one will have to wait its turn.

Evohe Repair Intensive: This oily based cream is used as a repair treatment for sunburn, red inflamed or itchy skin, cuts, bites and burns. Calendula, Golden Seal and Gotu Kola has repairing and soothing qualities to the skin and I find this a very practical addition to the box as the sun has come out to play.

Ivadore Tanning Treatment: This colourless and odourless natural tanning lotion is a welcome addition to the box this season. The handy sample size means that I can get a few applications on before Christmas :) An all natural tanning lotion that is suitable for sensitive skin is great to try, its also suitable for face and body. This tan works over a period of 8 hours so its recommended to apply on clean and dry skin, wait ten minutes before dressing, sweating or getting wet.

Anerah makes a regular appearance in Native Box and this week we have received three of their products. The Relaxation Bath Salts have a gorgeous rose colour and contain Rosemary oil and Lemongrass oil for a relaxing scent. I honestly don't think I will be using these as I am moving house in a few days and there will only be a shower with no bath. Some lucky person will get these from me.
This Lavender Face and Body Scrub I will certainly use! I am a HUGE fan of body scrubs and when I get them in these boxes (or anywhere) I start them straight away. This particular body scrub can be easily used in the shower so its convenient for me and has a gorgeous Lavender scent from the Organic Lavender Essential Oil.
Anerah also added their Sensitive Face Mask which is a lovely addition. This simple mask contains two ingredients of Kaolin and Quartz, so no hidden surprises in there for those who suffer from sensitive skin. I will use this very soon as my skin is needing a bit of attention and relaxation.

There were quiet a few practical pieces in this box, which s great. I also appreciated the new brands that I haven't seen before such as Evohe and Ivadore. I have to admit that I was pretty underwhelmed when I first opened the box but as soon as I had good look and play with the products I am really excited to give them a proper go.

What did you think of this Seasons Native Box?

Have Fun!

Renee x