Sunday, 1 February 2015

*Review* Lush Solid Jungle Conditioner

Avocado and Bananas. YUM!

I recieved a small sample of the Lush Solid Jungle Conditioner with my latest Toothy Tabs purchase the other day. I am a regular user of the Lush solid shampoos and what better fit would be than a solid conditioner?
I used a Lush image to give you a better idea of what it looks like. 

Again and again Lush are coming out with products that don't contain packaging which is like a sigh of relief to the environment. 
What makes this solid conditioner great is that is contains all of the good stuff, that is so nourishing to hair. Avocado adds shine and lustre to hair and Banana protects hair natural elasticity preventing split ends and helping to control dandruff. 
I tend to have trouble with conditioners, a lot of the time they are too heavy and make my scalp oily and hair limp. But this solid conditioner is light enough to gently hydrate my hair and leave it seriously fluffy.
This conditioner will leave your hair smelling like a tropical fruit salad which is just delicious! 
 I haven't got a problem with an oily scalp any more (that's why I love the solid shampoos as well), and I feel that with the combination of Jumping Juniper Solid Shampoo Bar and the Jungle Conditioner bar will be my new hair care routine. 

Have you tried this?

Have fun!

Renee x

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