Thursday, 29 May 2014

A Green People Duo

Moisturising Shampoo and Conditioner

I don't pretend to know a lot about hair care products, I also don't have 1000's of different hairstyles for everyday. I tend to just pull my hair back into a pony or a messy topknot without even brushing it (I know that's really naughty.) In fact, rewind a year go and you would have found me rinsing my hair with Bi-carb and vinegar as my regular hair cleansing routine. I haven't really been able to find a hair product that suits my hair other than the Alchemy Shampoo and Conditioner and the Lush Big. Every other commercial shampoo and conditioner doesn't seem to cut it and I have tried all the usual labels, Garnier, Herbal Essence, Pantene and don't get me started on Tresemme! They all seem to be an oil slick waiting to happen. Since I have been  converted to cruelty free products I felt I should give some more natural and organic shampoo and conditioner combos a try.

The Green People Moisturising Shampoo and Conditioner is vegan and cruelty free and gives hair a very natural feel. Some shampoo and conditioners may leave my hair shiny and smooth but I never really feel like it is clean because it has left a plasticy coating on the hair strands. This duo works quiet differently, my hair felt clean and light. My hair bounced and had a bit of 'fluffy' in there too, which I love because I really don't like how some formulas weigh down my hair. The shampoo contains Aloe Vera, Neroli and chamomile but it's the subtle, uplifting scent of orange that is the talking point of this formula.
The Moisturising Conditioner is a stunning, hydrating cream that happily doesn't have that synthetic 'shine' when put into the palm of the hand. Yet again Orange is the outstanding character in the Conditioner but it also contains Neroli and Marshmallow to hydrate and keep hair soft.

I'm really happy that I don't have to wash my hair the next day with this pair. To me that feel like it is a lot more natural and my hair is actually clean and not covered in chemicals that make it "look" clean and shiny. This is such a gentle Shampoo and Conditioner and I really think that I will recommend it to MANY people that I come across. 
Have you tried this brand? What did you think?

Have fun!

Renee x

This product was sent to me for consideration, however my opinions are 100% genuine and honest

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Are You A Sleep Deprived Mummy?

A Humorous Guide 

So, I thought I would spill out a light hearted one for you guys tonight. I'm sure all you mummy's and daddy's out there have experienced sleep deprivation at some point of raising your babies/toddlers. And to be honest, people told me I would be tired but never did I imagine what sleep deprivation actually was. It's certainly NOT a couple of bad nights sleep. More like a month worth of disturbed sleep!
So for the people who may be confused what sleep deprivation looks like. Here is a quick guide to show what this crazy feeling feels like.

1. When you wake up in the morning you go straight to the Camomile tea. NEVER would you think of having a coffee because it will keep you awake. You have been awake long enough during the night thank you very much. 

2. Any sudden movements or loud noises from children, pets, T.V , radio, kitchen appliances ect. are far too stimulating and make you want to crawl back into bed.

3. Someone is having a conversation with you and asks you a question. You forget to answer them.

4. You put blocks in your baby's nappy for entertainment even though there far more better things to do.

5. You truly believe in your sleepy state that the laundry is capable of folding itself. It just chooses not too.

6. You organise people to do your errands for you because driving tired is too dangerous.

7.  As soon as your partner walks in the door baby gets handed to them and you go straight to bed.

8. Your in the car park at the shops and forget what you went there for.

9. The countdown begins.. only 4 more hours till bubs bedtime. Then I can get some rest!

10. 'Sleep when the baby sleeps' is a literal term in your life.

Have Fun!

Renee x

Friday, 23 May 2014

Got Oily, Combination or Sensitive Skin?

The Dr Hauschka Clarifying Toner

I love trying out Dr Hauschka's products because they never disappoint me. A few weeks ago I did a review on a few of their products which you can read here. I have had the Clarifying Toner for a couple of weeks and again this is a really lovely and quality product. The Clarifying Toner, is made to tone, balance and calm oily skin. Usually I do not have oily skin but I have revealed to you all a couple of blog posts ago that my sleep hasn't been the best lately and my skin has decided to chuck a nasty oily temper tantrum because of it. So this toner comes at a good time in my life. Ha

This toner contains Daisy (helps fight against impure and inflamed skin) and Nasturtium ( helps combat bacteria and infections.) At first I thought this smelt of roses but that's not listed in the ingredients so I could be mistaking it for daisy's maybe? I really like how this is packaged with a sturdy glass bottle and a fine mist applicator. Recently I have come across fine mist applicators and I'm growing to like them, they are not like some of the cheaper alternatives that come out with one big squirt of water and feel like I'm spraying my face with a Supersoaker. This toner has really helped to ease the inflammation on my face and my blemishes don't look as ugly. I also really like how easy it is to use this as well. Usually I have a pile of dirty cotton pads on the bathroom counter (to the disgust of my husband)  from using them to wipe my toner onto my face, but I don't need to do it with this one. Just spray onto the face after cleansing and pat onto the skin. Simple as tea.

So I have whole heartedly incorporated this Clarifying Toner into my everyday skincare routine and I would love to hear if you girls have used any Dr Hauschka products recently that you have enjoyed?

Have Fun

Renee x

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This product was sent to me for consideration, however my opinion is 100% genuine and honest.

Monday, 19 May 2014

Claytime Mineral Bronzer Review

Limited Edition Pure Mineral Bronzer

I have tried a couple of Claytimes Mineral cosmetic range and both times I had not been impressed. First I tried the Mineral Foundation and I found it very clumpy, heavy and difficult to apply. It did not leave a smooth finish on my skin and I was very disappointed with it. Then in the Lust Have It! Eco Box I received the Claytime mascara and when I opened it up I as again disappointed because I saw that the brush was a plastic comb instead of fibre bristles. I could not bring myself to apply that mascara, personally I cannot stand those brushes. In my last Lust Have It! Box I received the Claytime Limited Edition Pure Mineral Bronzer , I had to try it out to see if I would like it or not.

It's a bit hard to see from the swatch but this bronzer is LOADED with tiny morsels of glitter. Now, don't get me wrong, I like bit of shimmer but this loose powder seems to have perhaps too much glitter. The particles are bigger than shimmer and smaller than glitter. I hope that makes sense because its the only way I can explain it. With the amount of glitter I would not feel comfortable wearing this during the day because I like more of a sheer finish for everyday wear. However I think this would make a much better contour and bronzer at night when things can be glammed up a bit more - well for me at least.

The colour is a nice brown with a pinky undertone, my advice would be to start with a small amount on your skin and gradually build it up making sure that the application is even.

 Would I reach for this as my everyday bronzer?
Verdict: Nah. I am again disappointed in the texture and formula of Claytime. The glitter is too much and it was surprisingly difficult to blend evenly on my skin. 

I really would like to keep trying their products though because I refuse to believe that I cannot like a whole cosmetic line. I'm determined to find something of Claytime that I like.
Do you recommend a Claytime favourite for me to try?

Have Fun

Renee x

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Thursday, 15 May 2014

Hurraw! Review + Giveaway!!

Yowza it's Hurraw! Competition Closed

I did a bit of a booboo the other day and uncharacteristically bought something only because I liked the packaging. Ooops. But, since I keep lip balms ALL OVER the house I think this should be OK. 
Firstly I'll show you the diffrent and unique way that these lip balms are packaged. As you can see the tube is a great oval shape instead of the traditional round tube that lip balm are usually found in. This creates a surprisingly easy way to apply because the shape of the tube hugs the curves of the lips whilst being applied. The great oval shape of the packaging makes it so easy to find in the inner depths of my handbag. I dont have to pull out every lip balm in my bag to find this I can just pick it by feel. 

This Lip balm caught my attention in particular not only because it is a cruelty free product but because they are all raw ingredients used and they are vegan, gluten free, soy free and shea free. I chose four flavours all of them sounded amazing: Earl Grey Tea, Lime, Kapha and Grapefruit. I gave the Earl Grey Tea to my mum and she loves it, I kept the Lime lip balm.
These lip balms are buttery soft and really lovely and moisturising. They are not sticky and they leave a really nice healthy shine to my lips. My lime balm smells amazingly fresh and invigorating, I am a little bit addicted to the scent. I feel these lip balms are very special, they are so so soft and contain things like Almond oil, coconut oil, cacao butter, olive oil, castor oil and all the flavours come from natural sources. I noticed there was a chocolate flavoured balm, Yes! Imagine hydrating your lips with chocolate!

The Hurraw lip balms are all hand poured which I think is really special and personally I am a sucker for small companies such as these. I felt that the customer service was great ( I ordered these over the internet) and I received the lip in a reusable, unbleached cotton tea bag made in the US. It was so cute!

Its Giveaway Time!

I am tempted to keep all four of these balms but because these are not found in Australia and I really REALLY love these, I am giving away the Grapefruit Lip Balm and the Kapha Lip balm (grapefruit, ginger and eucaliptus). This is for Australian residents only. I will include the cotton tea bag that they came in.

To Enter

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This competition closes 31/05/2014 Good luck my fellow Aussie chicks! I will contact the winner via email or their blog by the 01/06/2014. If the winner does not respond in 2 days then I will redraw the prize.

Have Fun!

Renee x

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Got Troublesome Nails?

Fabuluscious Nail Range

I had always thought that because nail treatments traditionally are laden with nasty chemicals that a) are so harsh that they must be tested on animals first before human hands could even think of using them and b)would never be as effective if they didn't have nasty chemicals in them.
Well, I have been sent the Fabulusious Nail Treatment range to test out and not only are they made is Australia and not tested on animals, they also don't contain: 

  • Foraldehyde- known to be a human carcinogen
  • Toluene- when inhaled can be intoxicating
  • DBP-  can cause psychological problems in large quantities
  • Camphor- flammable
  • Formaldehyde Resin- Used as coatings and adhesives
Urg gross stuff like that on my nails? No way! So here is a run down on each of the treatments in this line.

The Fabuluscious Triple Tough contains diamond particles to make your nails ultra strong. Diamonds are a very tough jem which makes it ideal as a base for this formula as it is perfect to resist any nail damage during busy days. Diamonds are also a great base for this polish in particular because water cannot penetrate through them, meaning that the nail bed will not become moist and find it difficult to grow and become healthy. Triple tough is ideal to use as a base coat so that the polish will last longer and not split.

Ah yes, those pesky ridges in the nail bed making the nail grow all wonky and not smooth at all. Applying a nail colour to these types of nails is horribly tiresome (posh much?) because it feels like no matter how many layers of nail varnish you apply, your nails are never smooth! The Ridge Filler is a thicker formulation and after it is applied it kind of settles in all the cracks and acts as a smooth base for your favourite nail colour. I found that it took a little longer to dry compared to a traditional base coat because obviously in some places a bit more is on the nail filling in that ridge. However if you don't stick your finger on the nail like I did, then I'm sure you could apply nail varnish quickly on your nail without it smudging.

The Ceramic Glaze has three uses. If you prefer a natural nail, then this is great for a nail hardener for those weak, problem nails. This can also be used as a base coat and a top coat for nail varnish. The Ceramic glaze creates an outstanding shine on my nail polish, it dried quicker than the Ridge filler too ( even though they are made to do completely different things.) Its a lighter formula than the others which I suppose is why it died so quickly, but that's good because no one really want to wait around for their polish to dry do they?

The Miracle Nail is a vitamin boost in a bottle. It contains vitamin A, vitamin C, Vitamin E and Vitamin F. Natural Silicuim and natural oils make this a lovely hydrating nail nourisher. I used to use nail oils years ago when I worked in Pharmacy and they work really well, so I am really looking forward to using this for a week or so and checking back with you guys later. This can be used twice a day.

The Intensive Growth is more of a nail treatment for slow growing nails and protects against splitting and chipping. This formula contains Vitamin E and Jojoba seed oil. This is a 15 day course where you apply a coat a day for three days, remove then apply a coat a day for three days and remove. Repeat to make up to 15 days. These kinds of treatment only work well when done correctly. If after 5 days you decide that you can't be bothered with removing and applying it then I would suggest to try the Miracle Nail because you don't need to remove it, you just rub it in and your done. But in my experience treatment like these are amazing if you stick to them.

The Mirror Shine is very easy to apply and settles very quickly and evenly on the nail. It creates a lovely glossy finish. Its probably the quickest drying formula out of all of these nail treatments which is good because it is made to be a top coat. This is an anti yellowing polish with active UV protection to encourage colour longevity. Need I say more?

If you want to learn more about Fabuluscious Nail Treatments clickety Here.

Have Fun!

Renee x

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Mothers Day Firsts

My First Mothers Day

Today was my first Mothers Day with Miss E. We didn't do anything fancy nor did I get a much desired sleep in. However I was lucky to be able to wish my mum Happy Mothers Day as soon as she woke up and give her a gorgeous owl pendant I bought from the jewellery store. And here we are at our local Dome Cafe enjoying an afternoon break. 
Its lovely to have a wonderful mum to spend this day with and also enjoy this day with my daughter. I feel very blessed.
Happy Mothers Day to all the mums out there!

Have Fun!

Renee x

Saturday, 10 May 2014

5 Ways To Look 'Put Together" Without Actually Wearing Makeup!

I Never Have The Time Anyway...

I'm a bit of a girly girl. I love having a bit of mascara on and dressing up in high heels, but recently I haven't had much of a chance to go out or even find the time to put on a little powder and eyeliner. I'm not saying that I really feel the need to wear makeup, nobody needs to wear makeup, but somehow I feel as though it polishes my look a bit more. Now that I am a mum I barely have time to use the bathroom without having a toddler tugging at my leg wanting a cuddle, I am sure all mums understand this.
So, the idea of using make up to complete my look has flown out the window and I have had to think of other methods to keep me feelin' and lookin' groomed.

A before an after shot of Oprah's eyebrows

1. Wax those eyebrows. 
Eyebrows can change the entire way a face looks. A professional Beautician can shape your brows by waxing them. This can cost anywhere between $15 to $30. A good wax can last up to three weeks however I never get mine done that often! There are two other methods of eyebrow grooming. Tweezing is a longer process where each individual hair is pulled out by the root but if you do it at home its free! I'm a big fan of threading where a cotton thread is twisted around the hair and pulled out by the root. I have only had it done a couple of times though because I felt it was more painful than waxing.

2. A regular trim at the Hairdressers.
Neat and healthy looking hair is much easier and quicker to look after than hair with flyaway's and split ends. Wash your hair as often as it needs and then in the morning all you would have to go is put a hairbrush through it and set it with some hairspray. Perfect.

3. A good skin care routine.
Healthy looking skin can make all the difference. I know from my own experience it's very tempting to dab a whole lot of concealer on blemishes in an attempt to cover them up then have to finish it with powder and then why not add bronzer? By the time I'm done I'v spent 15 minutes in front of the mirror in attempt to just cover a couple of spots! Find a gentle cleanser and toner and moisturiser to start off with, once you are comfortable with them work some exfoliating and mask action in there too.
 My advice if you have lots of spots blemishes and acne would be to see your doctor because they helped me through my teenage stage of pimples. When I got older I went to a naturopath who worked with me to figure out my food intolerances and my skin cleared up heaps!

4. Concentrate on those eyes
They say eyes are the windows to the soul. But I know for a fact that I get quiet self concious showing them when I have dark circles under my eyes and bags hanging under them. When I see them I whip out the 
concealer. But health and lifestyle always have a big hand in how eyes look. Eat healthy foods and get a goodnight sleep. Cut back on the cigarettes and alcohol too. They don't do any good for your health and your eyes will show it. I have found that a good eyelash tint works wonders in framing those pretty eyes and it saves time in the morning when I fail to apply mascara. An eyelash tint can last up to 6 weeks or longer depending on each person.

5.Healthy and soft lips.
A really easy way to smooth chapped and flaking lips is to grab a soft toothbrush, wet the tips, dip into some sugar and gently scrub off the flaking skin. Moisturise with your favourite lip balm. Personally I don't count lip balm as a makeup item. I see them as part of my skin care routine but if you don't have a lip balm handy try rubbing some cucumber on dry lips ( this is very soothing and refreshing) or dab some honey on your lips and leave overnight. Honey will make your lips lovely and soft.

Don't forget to drink plenty of water! Water makes your skin glow as well as many other benefits!

Have Fun!

Renee x

Monday, 5 May 2014

Peach Face Review

A Sweet n Sassy Skincare Line For Teens

Peachface is a cruelty free skincare line designed exclusively for the delicate skin for tweens and teenagers. Do you have a sister, niece, daughter, cousin or friend who is ready to start the journey of taking care of their skin? Then read on and learn more about some of the gentle and nourishing products Peachface has to offer.

Some of the beautiful illustrations on the labels.

Sweet n Sassy Cleanser. 
A gentle and creamy cleanser with a refreshing smell. In fact it smells a bit like a nice green salad, seriously, it smells green. I found that this cleanser worked really well to get the makeup off my face and got the grit of the day off my skin with ease. This cleanser contains Australian fragonia essential oil and lavender essential oil to make the skin feel fresh and soft.

Adorable Toner. 
 I usually find that straight after using a cleanser my skin may be clean, but doesn't feel too clean because there is always a little bit of excess product on my skin, no matter how many times I wash it off. Toner is an essential part of a skin care routine no matter what people say. This is a very light mist and it was excellent for wiping off the last remaining bits of the cleanser. It made my skin feel very smooth and clean.

Think Pink Face Mask.
 This is a pretty pink clay mask, it can be a little messy to apply but just stay close to the bathroom sink. This mask goes on wet but within 10 minutes it dried so much that it felt tight on my skin.  Time to wash it off. I find the best way to wash off clay masks is to fill the bathroom sink up with warm water and use a wash cloth and gently wipe it off. Usually with masks I splash water all over the place but clay products seen to get everywhere when not treated carefully. Clay masks are one of my favourite skincare items. They may be a little fiddly to put on but they are super rich in minerals that once I take the mask off my skin feels as soft as a babys bottom!

Bee So Happy Moisturising Gel. 
This is a sweet smelling lotion, kind of like a serum in consistency. I didn't need to use a lot of product at all and It just glided over my skin with amazing ease. I feel as though this is a gentle and non-oily product which I love.This silky moisturiser contains honey, organic green tea and burdock root extracts which are great for protecting and replenishing troublesome teenage skin

After trying these product myself I handed them to my younger cousins to see what they thought. Here is what they said:

Kelly - " I have used the cleanser a couple of times and I really like it! My skin has been looking nicer lately and it's the only thing that's changed so I'm sure it must be doing something! It smells so nice and natural too and it's easy peasy to use..."

( Poor Emily had a slight sensitive reaction to one of the products but couldn't say which one exactly)
Emily - " My favourite product was the cleanser though because it felt so smooth and nice putting on."

Have Fun!

Renee x

Friday, 2 May 2014

Lust Have It! Eco Box Autumn 2014

Some lovely Surprises.

So It's been two days since I have received my Lust Have It Eco Box**  and I haven't had a chance to play with the products until now. Since having a baby I have become quiet good at multi tasking, I wore the mask while I cleaned the dishes and applied the night cream while I sipped on my night time Milo. OK so its not multi tasking to the extreme but I hope you get the idea. 
 I always look forward to receiving the subscription boxes I have to review, but the Eco box is a special weakness for me. This seasons Lust Have It! Box I am very pleased with a couple of the items I received and it is going to be hard to beat, especially since I got a full size soap that smells AMAZING and a full size mascara and a couple of clay masks. 

Lust Have It! Eco Box for Autumn 2014

I have nearly used the Absoultely Gorgeous Organic Rosehip Body Wash* all up! This body wash comes in a gel form which I was a bit sceptical about because I find gels are a very drying on my skin. Not only does this body wash smell of amazing Rose, it doesn't dry my skin out either. This gel contains Organic Rosehip oil, Mandarin and Lavender essential oils. I think the packaging is really pretty as well, with the sample coming in a screw top lid. Cute! 

I honestly cannot wait to try the Appelles Rosemary Body Bar*, but at the same time I didn't want to open it either. In the packet this soap smells like the most uplifting citrus, floral, zesty combination I have ever experienced. I was so hesitant to open this because that means that I would have to use it and sooner or later it would run out, and then no more soap. It's kind of like when I hold off watching the last episode of a really good DVD series because I don't want it to end. I hope that makes sense. There is something very friendly and familiar in this soap, the essential oils of Rosemary, Eucalyptus, Niaouli, and Lemon Myrtle makes this a lovely Australian scent to wash with.

We had been getting a few things from Claytime recently (the last being a foundation that I wasn't too keen on) but how can anyone go wrong with mascara? I received the Natural Mineral Mascara in Black* which I am pretty happy with, I mean I could always do with a new mascara. This mascara contains Vitamin E that nourishes your lashes without clumping. The packaging comes with a handy mirror so its easy to apply anywhere you are. For me there is one drawback with this mascara but it was big enough to make me pass it on to my mother. The brush applicator is one of those plastic bristle brushes, I honestly cant stand them. I just can't. Mum was pretty chuffed about her new mascara though.

The Claytime Mascara brush applicator.

I love receiving little fragrance samples in these boxes because I am super picky with scents and I would rather try it out a few times before diving in a buying a full size bottle. I got the Oriental Chypre Notes by Acorelle* which is a combination of Coriander, Geranium and Patchouli. I notice that this perfume doesn't have the strong chemical after smell that a lot a fragrances have and that is so nice. Its a very clean and natural smelling fragrance. I'm not a big fan of oriental perfumes though. However it is really nice to know of a cruelty free perfume company out there.

Last Eco Box I  got the John Plunket foot cream and this time I got the NS-5 Protective Hand Cream*. I am very pleased to have received this because little hand cream samples like this always get used up in our household. This is a very light lotion that has almost no smell and leaves a slight silky layer to the skin once it has been applied. The lotion contains Urea,Zinc and Emu Oil to help nourish and protect skin. I know that this sample will be part of my night time routine.

I used the Acorelle Night Cream* tonight and I was very disappointed with the sample I received. I had to squeeze and squeeze the tube. I was almost ready to cut the packet open to see if there was ANY product in it at all when I tiny drop came out. Just enough for one application. Well that's one sample empty so far. I can't really say what I think about it because my drop wasn't really enough to test it out properly. I'm hoping to get another sample in a box soon.

These last things are really exciting for me I love receiving brushes and I got two. One was from The Cosmetic Kitchen and it is a really nice Bamboo Angle Brush*. This brush is made from recycled aluminium, sustainable bamboo and vegan bristles. I love the concept of these brushes and I am glad that I have had a few brushes from Cosmetic Kitcken from Lust Have It! I also received a great  brush that helps to easily apply masks onto the face. This brush is from Happy Skincare and it has soft even bristles and is really easy to use. 

The Happy Skincare 'Pig in Mud" Mineral mask* comes as a loose mineral that needs to be mixed with water and then applied to the face using the mask brush. I received a couple of different sachets, including a Mature and Sensitive skin pack. I used the Normal, Oily to Combination mask tonight and I thought that it worked quiet well. The mask seemed to have soaked any excess oil on my skin and left it feeling soft. If you can handle a bit of mess whilst mixing up the powder, this is a great mask for combination skin.

I think you can tell that I loved the Autumn Lust Have It! Eco Box. There was such a wonderful variety with the products ( I would encourage Lust Have It! to add more cruelty free fragrance samples, haha). I am sure I will be testing these samples out for a long time!
What did you think of the Autumn Box?

Have Fun!

Renee x

* Items marked with an asterix are cruelty free. Thankfully all have an asterix next to them!
** Lust Have It! Eco Box was sent to me for consideration, however my opinions are 100% genuine and honest.