Sunday, 4 January 2015

31 Days Of Basic Beauty

Day 4 - Eyebrow Shapes

I want to concentrate on your natural eyebrow shape today. Just like face shapes there is a  handful of core eyebrow shapes that your can work from to create your perfect eyebrow look.  
The picture below came from a collectable beauty magazine subscription and I absolutely loved it and it sparked my passion and fascination of basic beauty. Obviously its too small to read so just check out the pictures and I will describe them in my own words.

Round Eyebrows - Curve gently over the eye without creating a defines arch. They give a natural softly sculpted look. This brow shape helps angular features look less prominent and it emphasises a heart shaped face complimenting the shape of a delicate chin.

Angled Eyebrows - These start with a clear upwards stroke then dip down to a sharp angle creating an elegant arch. They give the face a youthful look. The high peak draws the eye upwards away from other strong features and making a wide face apear slender. Best for round face shapes.

Soft Angled - This is a same basic shape as angled brows but with a more subtle and rounded peak. The high arches open up your face and eyes, giving the area shape and helping to enhance other facial features. Will suit heart, oval and diamond face shapes.

Curved Eyebrows -  Curved browns dip slightly in the inner corner before creating a defined arch. The tail of the brow sweeps down toward the cheekbones. This flatters defined cheeks and gives more structure to small or less defined cheeks. This shape usually suits square face shapes as the curvy shape balances out a strong jawline.

Flat Eyebrows - These types of eyebrows have little to no natural arch. They are usually quiet prominent and are close to the eye. The horizontal lines help to shorten long faces giving them a more oval look. Best for long face shapes.

Eyebrows On Celebrities

Round Eyebrows
Julia Roberts

Angled Eyebrows
Cameron Diaz

Soft Angled Eyebrows
Nicole Kidman

Curved Eyebrows
Salma Hayek

Flat Eyebrows
Duchess of Cambridge

It always looks so much nicer when your eyebrows are simply maintained and kept in their natural shape. 

Because your Beautiful

Have Fun!

Renee x


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