Tuesday, 6 January 2015

31 Days Of Basic Beauty

Day 6 - Nail Shapes

I have included nail shapes in the Basic Beauty series because I know a lot of people just love a good mani, myself included. My nail shape is round and I think that is the most comfortable for me because I have rather short nails.

How Can I achieve These Nail Shapes?

Oval - Begin by straightening your side walls to make each side even. Then begin filing the side of the nail towards the top using smooth, arching motions to the top. Then work your angles on both sides and around the free edge to create an even finish.

Squoval - Start by filing your nails in a square shape. Once the side walls are straight, tilt the file underneath the corners and file back and forth from the underneath up. This will gradually take the corners off leaving you with gentle curved corner on the free edge.

Square - Start by shaping the side walls and free edge first to create a square and even shape. Turn your hand around to straighten the free edge. The file should be perpendicular to the nail to achieve the hard square. Once both sides are finished urn the hand around and use the file to feather the nail and sharpen the corners.

Round - File nail walls straight out then round out tip in a nice curved shape. Be careful not to take to mush off each side or it could look unbalanced.

Almond - The best way to achieve an Almond shape is to mark a spot in the centre of your nail and file towards that point. File the nail at an angle that is just off the centre of the nail, leaving a flat tip to round out. After you have the angles on both sides, file the corners to smooth out the sharp angles and blend the nail into an almond shape.

Celebrity Nails.
Images from Popsugar

Oval Nails
Eva Longoria

Blake Lively

Square Nails
Nicki Minaj

Round Nails
Julianne Moore

Almond Nails
Nicole Richie

I Hope you enjoyed this bit of information on nail shapes and looking at the pictures. Its kind of hard to get close ups of nails and celeb faces all in the one photo, that's why I opted for these kinds of pictures. I hope your find some time during the New Year to experiment with shaping your nails in a new way.

Because your Beautiful.

Have Fun!

Renee x

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