Thursday, 1 December 2016

**Coffee with Renee**

Amy from The Noise In Wonderland

Amys blog is a sleek and modern looking space that sparks interest with every page. whether it be a lifestyle, beauty or photography post there is a heap of fun and simple opinions in easy language to understand.

Talk us through your blogging career- how did it start and how has it progressed?
I started up my blog The Noise in Wonderland and starting consistently blogging around October 2015. I’ve always been a fan of writing and blogs, and I’ve attempted to start a blog a few times but never stuck to it. I think one day I thought ‘bugger it, let’s try doing this again’ and this time I stuck to it. My blog has been progressing well, the number of viewers has slowly been creeping up and I’ve been getting the chance to work with some brands and companies; it seems good things are on the horizon.

Whats your blogging niche and why did you decide on it?
I think I’m still in the stage of trying to find my niche. I currently call my blog a lifestyle type blog, basically I just write about anything and everything that interests me including photography, fashion, beauty, and more. I think a blog niche is something you sometimes develop along the way and I’m sure in time my blog will eventually develop into something more specific and focused, but for the mean time it’s a place where anything is possible.

Do you stick to a schedule or just publish your posts whenever you feel?
I do my best to stick to a schedule and so far I’ve managed to, haha. I post every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday and generally schedule my posts to go live around 9am on those days.

What opportunities have you had since becoming a blogger?
So far I’ve had the chance to work with a few companies and brands, including OSHUN White and Formula 10.0.6 and try out their products, which I love to do. Most recently, and one thing I’m most proud of currently, was I had the opportunity to go and have a chat with a local fashion designer. Renee Verdon owns a fashion label called VOUS and she contacted me and asked if I could come into her store and check out the brand and feature it on my blog. She was so lovely to chat to and I had so much fun putting the post together. 

What are you favourite things about blogging?
I love the community around blogging. Whether it’s giving people advice on Facebook groups or posting and receiving comments, I feel like the blogging community is such a friendly place where you can always find someone to provide you with advice, help or to just generally chat to about whatever.
  Other than that, I love both finding and being able to provide people with information about all sorts of things. Whether it’s reviews on products and letting people know whether they’re worth spending the money on or not, or whether it’s providing helpful life advice or inspiration to keep going another day. As a blogger you can easily provide both and I love being able to give both.

What are your least favourite things about blogging?
There honestly isn’t much about blogging I don’t like, but if I had say anything, I guess it would be either how hard it can be to have your voice heard or how sometimes it can feel like a chore. When blogging is something you are doing on the side as a passion (as I currently am) you still have all of life’s other responsibilities that need attending to, and sometimes they have to become a priority. In those times it can be hard to keep consistently blogging and finding the motivation to do so because all your time and brain power is occupied with something else, but you know you need to try and keep putting content out there otherwise people will stop paying attention. That sort of nicely goes into the other point I made about having your voice heard. We all know the Internet is a big place and blogging has really taken off lately. It’s great that it has and that blogs are becoming more respected and trusted voices, but it also means if you really want to make your life about blogging, it can be a tough gig to get your voice heard among the other thousands. It can be tough work and it requires dedication and consistency, but at the end of the day if it’s really what you love doing, you’ll find it all worth it in the end,

What are your favourite kind of blog posts to write and read?
I always love writing my photography posts where I basically simplify how photography works. I know I struggled with finding sources online that would simply just explain to me what I really needed to know about photography, so I enjoy actually creating that space.
   Other than that I’m a big fan of reading and creating favourites and haul posts. Generally these posts feature items and products from all different categories not just beauty or just fashion, and I love discovering all new things this way and hopefully being able to allow others to discover new things as well.

Do you have any other Social Media forums that you are active on and what are their names?
You can also find me on Instagram (@noiseinwonderland), Twitter (@noisewonderland), Facebook (Noiseinwonderland Photography), Tumblr (Noise in Wonderland) and Pinterest (Noise in Wonderland), oh and Snapchat (amynalice).

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