Sunday, 18 January 2015

31 Days Of Basic Beauty

Day 18 - Basic Haircut For Face Shape.

Lets just get stuck into it. If you haven't read my Face Shapes poststart here so you can figure out your shape. Now you can decide what hairstyle you would like to try. New Year, New You?

 Long: If your have a long face shape, hair that is too long can make your face look longer. The best hair cut is shoulder length and shorter length hair. Also avoid having a part straight down the middle becuse it will draw the eyes down to the longest part of the face. If you really love your long hair, try it with a blunt long fringe across your forehead. This can help shorten the face length and look really feminine.

Liv Tyler
Hairstyles that suit Long Face

Round Face: The aim is to add height and length to the features. Soft layers will slim the face, but make sure they are chin length or lower. Hairstyles that add height to the crown are also very flattering. Try to avoid blunt straight fringes across the forehead this can make your face look fuller. A blunt cut without layers near the jawline can make your face look rounder, try a graduated bob instead past your jaw.

Ginnifer Goodwin
Hairstyles that suit Round Face

Square: The secret to the perfect haircut for a square face shape is to create roundness and to soften the strong feature that the square face shape brings. Long hairstyles that soften and frame the edges of the face are ideal. Blunt cuts that are just below shoulder lenth are very flattering. Feathery bangs or a side parting can look great on a square face shape as well. Also you can choose a hairstyle with layers starting at the jawline to soften those strong angles. Try avoiding short pixi haircuts, these make the face look squarer in shape. 

Kiera Knightly
Hairstyles that suit Square face

Heart Shapes Face: Short bobs and pixi styles suits heart shaped faces perfectly. Long wavy or soft curls framing the face are also flattering for this face shape. Choppy layers that add more dimention are also a good choice. Steer clear of styles that are wide around the top of the face, these accentuate a small chin. Also long styles with no layers and do not frame the face can make a heart face look long.

Reese Witherspoon
Hairstyles that suits Heart Face


Diamond: These face shapes look good in almost any style. A blunt shoulder length cut or wispy bangs for long hair. Wavy medium to chin length hair can look very flattering as well as subtle face framing with long layers. Avoid excessive layers and too much volume, especially near the upper part of the face as it can add to the fullness to the forehead.

Scarlett Johansen
Hairstyles that suit Diamonds

Because Your Beautiful

Have Fun!

Renee x

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