Sunday, 30 March 2014

Winter is coming!

Those Lovely Winter Warmers

After a very looong Summer, I am excited to announce Winter is coming! I cant wait to see rain (again) and light the fire. Eat soup and nice warm casseroles and use an umbrella! 
Well I have decided to tell you about my Winter Essentials. Anything and everything to keep me cosy when the temperature drops.

Candles: Once bub is asleep for the night I love popping on a DVD, curling up on the couch and burning one of these baby's. This is a Sniff Soy Candle* in Poached Pear. They are a very high quality candle with scents that are totally drool worthy. The Poached Pear smells like a mildly spiced pear with a white wine undertone. This 100%  soy wax candle is absolutely gorgeous and a lovely warming scent to burn when its chilly outside. They also come in other great scents like cashmere, cupcake and citrus & herb.

The packaging is gorgeous!

A lovely warm glow on a cold night.

For me Winter is a time of Hot Chocolate, Mocha and Cup of soups, in my favourite mug of course. When I am looking for a mug I want something that is my taste, so when I saw these awesome Mr. Men and Little Miss character mugs from Zazzle* I was so happy. I have found my winter mug! These are the best gift idea EVER. I am sure that there is a character for everyone. There are at least 100 different  Mr. Men and Little Miss mugs to choose from. I chose Little Miss Fun for myself and Mr Grumble went straight to hubby. Haha I do love him! He chuckled when he saw the Mr. Grumble mug! Well well, he is not Mr. Grumble anymore.

A morning Mocha in a fun mug is always a  great pick me up

Snuggs- Not quiet socks, not quiet Uggs. But so so comfy. Perfect for hanging around at home.

This winter because I mainly dress for comfort anyway I though I should buy something a bit nicer than just plain old tracky dacks. I think leggings are super comfy and if I pair them with a woolly jumper and some boots then I am set to go.I wanted a couple of pairs of printed leggings just to keep things interesting and I'm glad I got them because his time last year I was heavily pregnant and my old pairs are just too big now. I love a post pregnancy wardrobe.

Lets not forget the daggy pair of pants that are never to be seen in public but just happen to be the warmest item of clothing in my wardrobe. *sigh.

These are the things I will be using this Winter over and over again. What are your Winter essentials?

Have Fun!

Renee x

*This item was sent to me for consideration, however my opinions are 100% genuine and honest.

Friday, 28 March 2014

Dr Hauschka

Dr Hauschka animal friendly luxury

 You may notice a bit of a change to the way I do things. Over the next few weeks I will be weeding out products we use on our bodies, from companies that test on animals/affilianted with companies that test on animals to products that are 100% genuine animal friendly. This is very exciting for me and I look forward to bringing you some amazing products that are here to spoil and pamper you without the connection of harming animals in the making. After each paragraph there is a- if you like you will LOVE- this is a simple example of a popular product that we all know but use animal testing or affiliate with companies that do, compared to a similar animal friendly products. Hopefully this will make the comparison a bit more simple for you. 

Lip balm: I have been patting this on my lips about four times a day. For me that it a lot. This lip balm comes in a cute little pot and provides a translucent shine when applied . It doesn't feel like it is going to slip off my lips which is a BIG plus. The formulation is really creamy and not sticky at all, I can feel my lips becoming a lot more hydrated and soft and plumper. The Dr Hauschka Lip Balm has a really lovely soft floral smell that doesn't reek of synthetics. The ingredients include, Calendula (great for healing) and  St Johns Wort (antibacterial, anti inflammation) It also includes an interesting addition of  Silk which is proven to be moisturising, Ph balancing and protective to the skin. I don't know about you but I love the idea of putting Silk on my lips! This is a highly addictive Lip Balm because of its luxurious feel and wonderful refreshing scent.
If you like: Mac Lip Conditioner ( owned by Estee Lauder, NOT animal friendly)
You will LOVE: Dr Hauschka Lip Balm pot

As soon as I decided to convert to cruelty free products my brain got thinking to other things that we put on our body other than makeup and moisturisers. So I was really interested when Dr Hauschka showed a deodorant on their website. I just had to give it a try. Let me say one thing, this has GOT to have the most interesting smells I have ever experienced with a deodorant. I really like it, it reminds me of a day spa. I mainly steer towards natural deodorants but I always still get sweaty and at the end of the day the smell kicks in, but there is something really special about this deodorant because I don't get either of these. In fact it could be the end of the day and I notice that I still smell a little of  the nice herby deodorant and not stink. There is Sage and which Hazel in the creamy lotion so perhaps that's the interesting combination I get a whiff of?
If you like: Dove Go Fresh Roll on Deodorant ( owned by Unilever got a X from PETA)
You will LOVE: Dr Hauschka Deodorant Fresh

I'm sure I have mentioned this a few times, but eye creams are something I have been thinking about a bit more recently. I'm getting to that age where I should start preventing the inevitable signs of ageing. I'm still getting used to the idea of using an eye cream, not because of the age thing ( that was always going to come around) but just the fact that I feel as though I need to LEARN how to use an eye cream. I think I'm doing it properly though. I put a little dollop of the Dr Hauschka Daily Revitalising Eye Cream on my ring fingers and dab it around on the bone in an inward motion. Is that right? I hope so... Ok I have just read the instructions and I am applying it right, good.  This eye cream contains Rose water, marshmallow and calendula to hydrate and soothe. Also pineapple is added to the mix as the 'key botanical', this is rich in vitamins and minerals and reduces the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Points for pineapple!
If you like: Olay Pro-X Eye Restoration Complex (owned by Procter & Gamble also got an X from PETA)
You will LOVE: Dr Hauschka Daily Revitalising Eye Cream

I hope you like these animal friendly alternatives. I will be getting a lot of my information from the PETA website HERE clickety click. Hope you are all having a brilliant weekend!

Have Fun

Renee x

This product was sent to me for consideration, my opinions are 100% genuine and honest.

Thursday, 27 March 2014

I'm going Cruelty Free!

Let's Do Something About It!

As a beauty blogger it is so much fun to test out a whole bunch of cosmetics and bath products and write down what I think about them. However I have had a big nasty feeling in my gut that has stayed there and I feel I must do something about it. I have a habit of walking into a pharmacy/Priceline/ Dept. store looking at all the pretty colours and buying that nice shiny lip gloss without really thinking about were it comes from and how it was produced. In fact I don't think about it at all. It's easy not to think about where cosmetics come from. They are there to make us feel good and look pretty. That's the basis of their appeal.

If we look further into how our favourite cosmetics are produced it would break your heart. Chemicals and nasty experiments are conducted on helpless animals everyday so that we can use our favourite cosmetics. A quote from the PETA website:

Right now, millions of mice, rats, rabbits, primates, cats, dogs, and other animals are locked inside cold, barren cages in laboratories across the country. They languish in pain, ache with loneliness, and long to roam free and use their minds. Instead, all they can do is sit and wait in fear of the next terrifying and painful procedure that will be performed on them.

I'm a Christian and I belive that humans are put on this earth with animals and we should take care of them, not abuse them.
 In the beginning, God created the earth and all the creatures on it to be under the authority of humanity. He entrusted these beautiful elements of His creation to our care (Genesis 1:26).

In the future I like to see myself living in a cottage with chickens roaming the garden by day supplying me eggs, my cats napping in the sun, a little pig playing in the dirt all these animals free to enjoy their life. I don't like the idea of being a part of caging an animal up its whole life to run painful tests on it.

This is a very brave choice for me because it means I would have to give up selfishly buying a lot of my much loved cosmetics and take some time and effort into finding some animal friendly alternatives.

I even have to admit that I have a makeup bag full of these cosmetics that have been tested by animals down the line, I had not thought about it when I bought them. I just saw that I liked the product and handed my money over.  Now I'm not telling you girls to chuck out everything in your makeup kit but how about when its time for a new mascara or lipstick you look up some cruelty free companies and choose from them? I have made a discovery that even if a company says they are cruelty free it can be affiliated with a third party that does the animal tests for them. This is not good enough.  

I have been looking up some websites that do not test on animals and I think that we can get some amazing products and not have to sacrifice feeling luxurious or looking prettily made up.
 Read more:

See the list of companies that DO and DO NOT test on animals. HERE

I will endeavour to bring you amazing beauty products, lovely skincare and wonderful makeup to you without the harm of animal testing.
If you know of any other companies that is not on the lists please let me know in the comment box below.

Have Fun!

Renee x

Thankyou for making my day!


The New Cover Girl Smoochies

I had the opportunity to try out the Cover Girl Smoochies and I'm so excited to have them finally arrive at my door. When I first saw the Smoochies I thought they would be more like a sheer lipstick but I was wrong. These are more like a tinted lip balm with really funky packaging. They are super soft and they have an even application. I got the #255 Sweet tweet and the # 235 tru luv. They even have a fruity scent to them, so that's why they remind me of lip balms so much. 

The tru luv and sweet tweet
 ( I kind of ruined the top of sweet tweet with the lid, oops)

The #tru luv is a really dark plum in the tube so I was a bit apprehensive about wearing it out because I don't like dark lips on myself. However to my surprise it comes off as a really soft  and sheer dark rose. I really liked the finish of this colour because I will feel comfortable wearing it all day without it feeling like I'im wearing a colour that's too dark for my fair complexion.

I love love this colour. In the tube it is a vibrant and fun grapefruit hue with a shimmer undertone. Yet again it is very sheer but as you can probably see in the picture it's a lot more pinker and lighter than the #tru luv. I think this colour will just give my lips that bit of a pop when I need it. It feels so soft and it smells like fruit!

The Covergirl Smoochies apply so easily and leave a lovely glossy look. They don't feel gluggy or heavy in fact they feel very moisturising!
What do you think of the Smoochies? Did you like them?

Have Fun

Renee x

Friday, 21 March 2014

Pr Friendly

My Blog is Pr Friendly

I love trying and reviewing products, I am honest and genuine with my reviews.

 The way in which I obtained a product does not influence my review or opinion or it.
 All products reviewed and featured on Reneehartsthis have been purchased by myself unless otherwise stated by the disclaimer at the end of the post.

As of January 2015 any product marked with an asterix ( * ) has been sample sent to me for sampling and reviewing purposes.

If you are a COMPANY/BUSINESS and wish to contact me to review a product, etc, please do not hesitate to contact me at:

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Rise by Beyonce

Beyonce's new fragrance Rise

I am so excited to try the new fragrance by Beyonce. Rise came on the the market in February 2014. The concept of this new fragrance was from Beyonce's persona on stage and '" female empowerment and finding the inner strength that makes women so beautiful." Nice. So lets have a whiff. Actually before I smell it I will check out the bottle. This is always an important first impression.

Personally I don't think it is the prettiest bottle I have ever seen. It is very tall and has hard edges. If Beyonce wanted the fragrance and bottle to match then yes it is powerful and strong. However the bottle design is not very feminine. The lid is a peculiar kind of crystal shape in gold and not very alluring to my eye.

 A detailed picture of the lid

OK, so first impressions of the scent. Not my cuppa tea. Its very strong and has a smell that I feel is aimed for the older generation, not really for 20's to 30 year old's.  As the scent settles it becomes a lot more pleasant. The first layer drifts away quiet quickly (thank goodness) leaving a middle note that sinks into the skin and leaves a lot more subtle smell of soft florals. The lasting impression is a mixtures of deep woods and musk. I am much more of a girl who likes her perfumes floral all the way so I sort of found this fragrance a bit too musky for me. My mother also had a spray and she said that she liked it but had the same impression as mine about the initial spray. Its a bit overpowering and then she liked the middle notes but adored the base musky notes. 
So I guess everyone is different with their preferences. This fragrance lasted about five hours on my skin.

Top notes: Bergamont, apricot, basil
Middle notes: Orchid, jasmine sabac, freesia
Base notes: Cashmirwood, musk, vetiver, woodsy notes

Have you tried Rise by Beyonce? What did you think?

Have Fun!

Renee x

This product was sent to me for consideration however my opinions are 100% genuine and honest. 

Monday, 17 March 2014

Eco and Easter with Babble Box

Babble Box March

I received a lovely package in the post from Babble Box today. A March box that was full of cute little bits and bobs for my baby to enjoy. I was so excited when I got this, so lets get stuck into it!

I let bub unwrap the box today. More like ripped it, crawled away and mummy did the rest.

There was only four things in my box this month compared to the five last month. This month the theme was 'Eco with a dash of Easter' . Yes Easter is on its way. I picked up the Biodegradable Wot Not Baby Wipes first. These are a fantastic idea because they are completely compostable and biodegradable. Very eco friendly and I like that. The baby wipes contain nice things like Vitamin E and Aloe Vera to smooth and protect baby's delicate skin. These wipes are free from all those nasties like chlorine, sulphates, petrochemicals, parabens, caustics, glycols and artificial fragrances. This is the travel sized carton and it will go straight in my nappy bag. 

Last month I received the Oliboo Organic Face Washers and I loved them, so I am please to see some Oliboo Bamboo Muslin Wraps. At first they seem a bit thin for the Winter months that are coming around the corner, but the information card says that bamboo is known to keep baby cooler in Summer and warmer in Winter. I didn't' know that, you learn something new everyday. These come in the same cute, gender neutral print as the washers. White, orange and teddy bear print. These have such lovely breathable fabric and I have fallen in love all over again with the Oliboo brand of Bamboo products. 

 Sophie the Giraffe So Pure Cubes- This has got to be my favourite find in this months box. At around Christmas time I was a little occupied with finding a 'Sophie the Giraffe' for my baby's first Christmas (as well as making her a handmade dolly) so anything 'Sophie' I get all excited about. Bub didn't mind these either because they were a perfect size for her little hands and she immediately popped one in  her mouth. Ah babies. These are great colourful cubes because they are so so soft and friendly to those curious gummers- no sharp corners. Also I can be rest assured knowing that bub is chewing on 100% natural rubber that's safe and non-toxic.

Babble Box added a cute little pair of bunny ears to the March box, hence the name ' Eco with a dash of Easter.' I only managed to get a quick pic before these fell off her head but they are a lot of fun for mummy to watch bub dressed up with bunny ears! 

So there you go! Another great quality box from Babble Box which I was so happy with. All the products this month will get loads of use out of them and Bub will munch her way through the Sophie the Giraffe cubes in no time!
This month Babble Box has made a donation for each box to a charity called Bravehearts: 

What was in your Babble Box this month?

Have Fun

Renee x

Babble Box was sent to me for consideration however my opinions are 100% genuine and honest.

Sunday, 16 March 2014

For the healthy snackers

Harvest Box Review

I have seen a whole bunch of subscription boxes popping up all over the place. Most of them are beauty related so I was really interested when I saw a snack subscription Box.

Harvest Box is a company that sends out little boxes of snacks to your front door or even desk at work. There are approx 50 different combinations of nuts and dried fruit to pick from. All you have to do is scroll through the menu and pick one of the options 'no thanks', 'try me', 'like it', love it' for each of the choices. Also you can choose to have your snacks delivered everyday of the working week or just for one day a week. In the box you get sent four containers of the selections you liked. 

I love the cardboard packaging with a picture of fresh strawberries.

each container is quiet small around 40g

I was sent the Bears Picnic  canadian maple cashew, Strawberry Milkshake  strawberries, yogurtballs, cranberries, blueberries, Great Wall  almonds, goji berries, milk chocolate, sunflower seeds and  Cape Tribulation Honeydew melon, macadamia, pepita, cranberry. They were all really yummy but my favourite was the cape tribulation. I don't think I have tried Pepita before but it was delicious!
I think that even though the containers a bit small they are perfect snack size. I was eating one of these at night when I tend to reach for chocolate. A healthier alternative I think!
I think that snack boxes are great for those time poor people who can get a really great variety of food with just a couple of clicks of a mouse.
Harvest Box:

What do you think?

Have Fun!

Renee x

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Michel Mercier Hairbrushes+ Giveaway!!

The ultra comfortable way to brush hair *drool

Giveaway Closed Congratulations Hannah for Winning!

I'm guessing that most people have a hairbrush on their dressing table or bathroom counter? A regular old jo of a hairbrush that's in need of replacing maybe? Check this out! This has got to be the coolest hairbrush I have ever seen. 

Not only does this hairbrush have a sleek and modern design it also comes in cool bright colours. Of course I opened the pink one because I have a weakness for all things pink. They also come in a lime green for normal hair and bright blue for thick hair, the pink brush is for fine hair.

The 428 bristles are really flexible as you can see and they are varied heights so its easier to detangle and it reduces hair breakage. But seriously, when stroking my hair with this hairbrush it feels like I'm giving my head a massage! Its positively ingenious! Both my mother and I took turns giving our head a massage with this brush with much oohing and aahing.

The bristles are distributed geometrically which disperse pressure placed on hair during brushing,

A unique design make for a pleasant brushing experience.

This lightweight tool takes hair brushing to a whole new level.There is no pulling, no breaking and it very luxurious to use. And its just cool to look at. Look at it!


To Celebrate Reaching 100 followers I am giving away one of these babies.

Yes that's right! I am giving away one Michel Mercier Detangling Hair Brush - Normal Hair.  I want you guys to try these they are sooo nice!

How Do I Enter?

Easy, Just Like my Facebook Page and Follow me on BlogLovin' or Google +. I will check.

In the comment box below write the codeword Hairbrush, with your blog URL or email address So I know to include you in the random draw.

Hey Lovelies this particular giveaway is international .  This Giveaway expires April 1st 2014 at Midnight Western Australia time and the winner will be contacted within 24 hours via their blog or  your email. The winner must reply within 48 hours or the prize will be redrawn. No cash alternative given.

To learn more about the Michel Mercier Detangling Hairbrushes go the website:

Have Fun!

Renee x

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Botani Skin Solutions

Another Great Australian Skincare Company

The name Botani reminds me of pure nature. Trees. The colour green and moist soil. Its funny how some words can just relax a person. Oh yes and I think of moss growing over damp rocks. Botani... ahhh.
What a great word to name a really pure and simple skincare line. 

The skincare came in a great calico bag with an information leaflet on all their products. I received the Olive hand cream and Olive Skin Serum. Botani is a plant based skincare range with no nasty chemicals or additives and it's vegan friendly.

In the box that had the Olive Serum there also contained the Soothing Facial Mist. Now the Olive Skin Serum is Botani's hero product and I can see why ( but I'll tell you about that later) but my favourite is actually the Facial Mist. This smells just like a beautiful English Rose garden. It's very refreshing and it is formulated for sensitive skin but any skin type can use this. The little 15ml pump bottle is so handy to just place in a handbag for a refreshing mist during the day, but I think I'll just leave this on my bathroom counter and use it as a hydrating toner. Seriously, this is such an amazing smelling spray. I just love it. I spray it on my face like five times a day just to smell it!

Olives are a really good skin moisturiser. Olives contain oleic acid which is really good to keep skin soft and healthy. And that's just by eating them! So why not use that moisturising benefit and make it into a skin serum? Well that's what Botani did and boy is it nice stuff. 
I popped a bit of this on my face this morning and I was delighted at the silky texture of the formulation. The serum didn't really sink into my skin immediately but it is so light weight that it leaves a really lovely moisturising feeling. Because it is primarily made out of Olive Squalene (derived from the olive pip) this serum doesn't have an overpowering scent. In fact is smells like the subtle olive oil. A very neutral smell. As well as being wonderful to smooth fine lines and wrinkles, improve scars and age spots, I think this will be great for the man after shaving his face because it is quiet soothing. Also it will help repair any nicks and grazes he may have made in the process.

I not a girl that goes crazy over hand creams. But I have tried a few. And some of them were just plain horrible. The Botani Olive Hand Cream IS NOT one of them. This cream is so luxurious and feather light. I rubbed it into my hands and my skin drank it all up. That's good because I can continue typing without leaving a layer of hand cream all over my key board. The backs of my hands were left with a silky layer. This hand cream has a delicate floral scent and is really good to soothe eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis.

My honest verdict ( which is what this blog is all about) is that Botani products are just plain quality. The more I play around with them the more I fall in love with them. They are luxurious and very kind to any skin type. Botani also have a huge ethical motivations by donating tubes of their hand creams to ARROW- a volunteer organisation- that has cared for orphaned kangaroo joey's. The hand cream helps to safely moisturise the joey's skin. Very cute!
I am really looking forward to trying more of their products, especially the Olivene Repair Balm and the Spirulina Salt Scrub (hey I drink the stuff but I have never thought of scrubbing my body with Spirulina.)

To learn more about Botani go to :

Have you tried Botani? What did you think?

Have Fun!

Renee x

This product was sent to me for consideration, however my opinions are 100% genuine and honest.