Monday, 30 June 2014

Botani is in Priceline!

Review: Botani Spirulina Salt Scrub and Healing Lip Balm

Last week I was so excited to spot Botani in Priceline, I let out a happy yelp. Back in March I did a review on the Botani Hand Cream and the Olive Skin Serum, which you can read HERE, and fell instantly in love with this brand. I ended up having a squiz through the Botani website and saw a couple of things that I knew I really wanted to try, the Spirulina Salt Scrub being the top of the list.

This salt scrub is unlike any body scrub I have ever used. I am used to the general scrubs where the salt particles are the size of small pebbles and its sitting in a jar of oil. Not so with Botani's scrub. As you can see from the above picture, the mixture is more like a cream and the salt is quiet fine. This is excellent because not only did I use a small amount because its a cream mixture and it spreads a lot better on the skin, but there was not a pile of salt strewn all over the shower floor.
 Sometimes I feel like the bigger salt scrubs don't do much to my skin and to be frank it's quiet uncomfortable scrubbing away with salt that could be as big as my fist, talk about abrasive. The Botani Salt Scrub is so gentle and it didn't fall out of my hands and scatter everywhere because of the moisturising cream that kept it all together. 
This is a sweet and fresh smelling Lemon and Mandarin mixture the lovely moisturising benefits of, you guessed it, olive oil. Botani's core ingredients are derived from the olive plant, promising wonderful moisturising benefits from using any of the lotions and scrubs. I am very, very happy with this delightful scrub and I will savour every moment I use this.

I also spotted The Botani Healing Lip Balm and though I could give that a go too. This lip balm is something different too. It doesn't contain Bee's wax or paraffin or petroleum, in fact the main ingredients are jojoba seed oil and olive oils and butters. This is a very moisturising Lip balm that doesn't feel "heavy" to wear and leaves a really nice looking glossy finish. This has a nice subtle vanilla scent to it, I'm also a huge fan of lip balms in cute packaging and this tin is just great with an easy screw top lid. My Dr. Hauschka Lip Balm has almost run out so I plan on letting this little beauty take its place next to me on the side table in our lounge-room. An honorary position for the absolute best lip balms and hand creams I own.

So that's the couple of Botani things I got from Priceline. If you see it on the shelves, I encourage you to have a play with the testers and give a couple of things a go. It is so very nice.

Have Fun!

Renee x

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

No $$$? No Worries

Hanging Out With The Girls 

I really love doing these posts. Brainstorming ways to save money and catch up with the girls is so much fun. They do say 'the best things in life are free.' Well these suggestions are not exactly free but I hope you get the picture.

A Pancake Brunch:
I did this a couple of months ago with my friends/cousins and I had so much fun. Its easy enough to do, Just make some pancakes from your favorite recipe and add the toppings you like. Get a bottle of sparkling apple juice and some champagne glasses to make it that extra fancy.

Toppings: We used some really yummy toppings for our pancakes. My favorite combination is a dollop of mascapone cheese with some thawed berry mix on top. Yummo! But of course you can choose any combo like banana and honey, lemon and castor sugar and for those girls with a sweet tooth strawberries and chocolate sauce. 

A coffee at the Park:
This is an idea that a friend of mine and I had because we both have kids. Grab a takeaway coffee and walk to the local park so the kids can play on the play equiptment. This will keep the kids entertained while you get a good ol' chin wag with your bestie.

A movie night:
I understand that I'm not a teenager anymore and sleepovers are a thing of the past (at the moment) now that I'm a mum to a one year old but I still love watching a chick flick with the girls. Invite friends over when you know baby will be asleep and have everything prepared before they arrive, this will save valuable movie watching time. Get bowls of snacks ready, a few movies to pick from (not too many or it ill take ages to decide which one to watch) and pop the kettle on as soon as they arrive. Fun times ahead!

Get Crafty:
You and your pals like a bit of DIY? There are heaps of crafty things to do! Why not try card making? Dressmaking? Jewellery making? Or learn to knit or crochet together? Personally I would love to learn how to sew, maybe I should recruit one of my friends to teach me the basics.

DIY Spa Day:
Of course I had to throw this one in. If you and your gal pals have a passion for skincare and a little pampering look no further than your pantry and your fridge. There are so fantastic recipes for face masks and hair treatments out there that you can try with your friends for next to nothing. My favourite little trick for shiny hair is to rinse my hair with a cup of water with two tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar in it. It works wonders!
I will be adding more home-made recipes in an upcoming blog post. Keep an eye out for them!

I hope this give you girls some great ideas on how to save money while still having a blast with your friends!

Have Fun!

Renee x

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Baby got a sore bottom?

Two Little Helpers

Since I have been getting pretty keen on the cruelty free products I have wondered if the popular baby brands are cruelty free. Are they just as good if they were cruelty free? Well, I was due to replace my Johnson and Johnson Baby powder and Bepanthen cream so I decided to do a little research on their ingredients list and in the mean time I had the opportunity to test out some baby products.

To replace my Bepanthen

Organic Babies is a gentle, baby friendly range from Green People. This thick paste called Nappy Cream Baby Balm is made to be a great 'all rounder' that can be used on cuts and grazes and of course the unfortunate victim of nappy rash. Rich in Zinc and Omega 3 and 6, this is a really effective healing balm that only contains the good stuff and no parabens, lanolin and artificial fragrances. Lets be honest none of those things help with the healing process.
 I really do have faith in this gorgeous balm because I used it on my baby's mild nappy rash one night and the next morning it had completely healed. Because of the very thick consistency a little goes a long way however I had to warm it up a little between my fingers first.
I think this balm is such a lovely and gentle nappy rash busting cream and I will be using this for a long time to come.

To replace my Johnson and Johnson Baby Powder

The Dr Haushcka Body Silk can be used to absorb any dampness in the nappy area. It's really gentle too, again, not containing any of the nasties that a certain popular other brand does. This Body Silk does not contain talc which after a bit of research is a big no no for the genital area, especially for girls. There has been possible links between prolonged used of talc down in the lady department and Cancer. Read More Here.
 This is a Rice starch based product which means that it is safer than Talc and also it gives a drier finish. The actual powder is a bit more 'grainy' than talc but I agree with rice starch giving a drier finish on the skin. Its a very gentle powder with a lovely herbal scent and bub has not had one nappy rash complaint since using this. Perhaps because of the swap? *nudge nudge
For the grown-ups this is such a versatile powder! Because of the beautiful scent it can be used after a shower in replacement of perfume, it can stop the scalp from getting too oily by brushing a bit through the hair roots and it can be used as an anti-bacterial powder for those fungal prone feet. Wow! Personally I would use this as a nice smelling powder for when I cant be bothered putting on perfume, but I think I'll save this for baby, because nappy rash is SUCH a pain!

Have Fun!

Renee x

These items were sent to me for consideration, however my opinions are 100% geniune and honest.

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Autumn Favourites '14

My Picks This season

This season I have a list of favorites that suit staying indoors on a cold night and popping out as quickly as can be to run errands before it starts to pour again. 

First on my list is pretty much the makeup I will wear if I'm going out somewhere other than the local shops and I have to be quick to get ready because baby is waiting. 
I have used my Eco Minerals almost everyday since I have received them because it is super easy to use and the foundation and blush look fantastic! They bring a very soft look which is great for winter because I don't want to look 'made up' too much when I am going to be out for a short time.
Even if I am not wearing makeup during the day I always put some Australis Extender Lash and Brow gel through my eyebrows just to keep them in check. Talking about Australis products, another item from their line which I have repurchased over and over again is their Stayput Longlasting Retractable Eyeliner , I always reach for this in the morning because it is sooo easy to apply and it lasts all day. I also love that Australis is cruelty free and it is found in Priceline which is a popular store in Australia.
Whenever I really like a lip balm it goes in my bag because I know it will get used. The People for Plants Organic Lip Balm in Peppermint and Evening Primrose is absolutely delicious, It leaves a yummy tingling feeling on my lips and it is really hydrating and stops my lips from feeling dry and cracked. I am very keen to try some more of their products.
I stumbled upon Sukin Nourishing Lip Treatment a while ago and I honestly can't believe I haven't mentioned it before because I use it everyday. I usually use this over a lip stain as a gloss because it has a beautiful shine to it, but it is perfect as a hydrating treatment all on its own.

The making of Pea and Ham Soup in my slow cooker.

I got my slow cooker a couple of years ago from my parents as a Christmas gift. I have spits and spurts of using this, for example it doesn't get much use in the summer because we tend to eat fresh salads for dinner but once the weather starts getting cold I get a hankerin' for some nice hot stews. I make soups, casseroles and risottos in my friend here and its so easy. I just cut up all the veggies pop them in and turn the dial, six hours later its a beautiful, yummy and healthy dinner. This model has a great insert that I can brown my meat on the gas stove and then put the rest of the ingredients in the same dish and cook it all together so the juices stay in the pot. Washing less dishes is always nice too.

T.V Shows.

Yes it's chilly and I have a baby to look after so I'm not going out anywhere at night. As well as blogging I have another favourite pastime, and that's immersing myself in some good ol' Dramas. There is always washing to fold- almost every night- so when baby is in bed I fold and enjoy watching some great stories. 

Call the Midwife really educated my husband and I about childbirth before Miss E. came along, and made me think about some very important questions. Is that cranberry jam that comes out after childbirth? Yes it must be, what else would it be?

I have watched all four seasons of Downton Abbey back to back and it was great. I love how much the characters have evolved over the years and of course who can't watch this series and marvel at the pretty pretty dresses?

Bomb Girls is a show I have recently discovered, it took me a couple of episodes to get the hang of it but by the end of the last episode I was itching to see what happens next. This show is about the girl in the factories that made bombs for WW2.

So that's my favourites for this season. Is there anything in this list that you have enjoyed?

Have Fun!

Renee x

Saturday, 14 June 2014

Lush Birthday Haul

It's Time For Lush

I'm not one to usually do hauls, I tend to pick up a couple of bits here and there but never do I buy tonnes of products all at the same time to really call it a 'haul'. Having said that, it was my birthday in May and my parents gave me a bit of money to treat myself. My mother made me promise not to spend it on bills or clothes for baby, which to tell the truth I was very tempted to do. No, it was my birthday so I had to spoil myself! Well of course I thought of one thing, Lush! 

I really wanted to get a bunch of things that I haven't tried before. So here is what I picked...

I have been wanting to try the Lush Toothy Tabs for a really long time now. These are a cruelty free alternative to the toothpaste found in the supermarket shelves and I'm really keen to find out if they give that same squeaky clean feeling that my nearly empty tube of Colgate does.They come in a great recyclable cardboard box and hey are preservative free. I chose the Breath of God which have a sandalwood flavour and Atomic which is coffee, clove and ginger. Atomic is my favourite, it smells so amazingly fresh!

One toothy tab is quiet small and they come in a box of 40, so they should last just under a month (if you brush twice a day.)  To use them, break one up between your front teeth, wet your toothbrush and brush.Then spit and rinse.

The Pop in the Bath Bubble Bar smell so nice. I share this one with my baby and pop a bit into her bath because it is a really subtle and uplifting floral scent and when she is all dry I love smelling it on her! This bar goes quiet a long way because it is soft so its easy to break a small chunk off and crumble it under running water and watch the bubbles come.

Next on my list was the Wonder Woohoo Bubble Bar. I have not tried this yet but I think it is going to be a special bar because it is covered in gold glitter so I can imagine getting out the bath looking sparkly! It smells like cucumber to me but the website says that it has sandalwood and orange oil, so that confused me a bit. I think perhaps it will smell a bit different in nice warm water.

By the time I got around to taking photos of these products, half of them had been used up so I had to use these from the Lush Website. This little guy is called the Ickle Baby Bot Bath Bomb, I decided to give him a try because I ran out of soap for Bub. This bath bomb has such subtle smells of  Lavender and Sandalwood that can really help to send baby into that calm place before popping her to bed. My bub really enjoys bubbles and this bath bomb didn't deliver but I think it main objective is to calm baby and not get baby excited about playing with bubbles! haha

I really wanted a scrub for a little while, especially now that its winter and my skin tends to dry out a bit. I love love this scrub! It has the most beautiful uplifting and fresh smell. It has large granules of sugar so it can scrub off that dead skin really well and it just has the most refreshing smell. I usually turn to this when I have a shower in the morning and I haven't quiet woken up. Its a great scent to start off the day.

I always get a couple of blocks of soap when I make an order because who doesn't need soap? The top of the blocks is a duo of Honey I Washed The Kids and Karma Soap. I kept the Karma soap for myself because again this is a really lovely refreshing soap that makes my skin feel really soft and I gave the Honey I Washed The Kids to Hubby.

Well, that's my Birthday Haul, I hope that if you have been curious about any of these products then this post has given you a bit more info. Have a great weekend and remember...

Have Fun!

Renee x

Monday, 9 June 2014

Dr Hauschka Concealer

Need a Concealer for Blemishes That Works?

In my recent blog posts I have mentioned numerous amounts of times that my skin hasn't been behaving the best lately. I have been victim to red splotches, excess oiliness and the odd pimple in no other than the dreaded T-Zone. I was kindly asked if I would like to give the Dr Hauschka Coverstick a try, well of course I jumped at the chance! 
This is not just any Coverstick, it also has ingredients in it to help sooth and nurture imperfections of the skin. The main active ingredient in this Coverstick is Tea Tree oil, which we all know is great for treating cuts, insect bites and anything that has the potential to get infected. I have been known to dab Tea Tree oil straight into a nasty pimple to heal it and yes it works! It is recommended to apply the Coverstick at the first sign if a pimple not just to cover it but also to treat it with rose petal, calendula, carrot and anthyllis helping to reduce redness.
This Coverstick applies very smoothly and has more of a powder finish than a liquid finish. I found that it doesn't hide dark circles as much as it covers up red splotchy cheeks. The light and easily blendable concealer makes enlarged pores fade away and whiteheads unnoticeable. The formula can be built on itself to hide larger blemishes but once it has been gently patted with a light finger, the concealer seems to melt away onto the skin leaving a flawless finish. 

This windup concealer is really easy to apply and I prefer it to liquids which can get a bit messy.

As you can see the colour I got 01 is a true match to my skin tone.

I recommend this concealer for people with oily skin, uneven skin , acneprone skin and even those people with acne scarring . Its a very gentle looking formula that is very easy to wear and the packaging is about the size of a pen so popping it into a bag and touching up during the day is no problem.
Interested in the Dr Hauschka Coverstick? Check it out

Have Fun!

Renee x

This product has been sent to me for consideration, however my opinions are 100% genuine and honest.

Saturday, 7 June 2014

Boho Caravans

Take some time out...

So last night I was brousing the internet for pictures of bohemian and retro inspired caravans. My husband and I have a bit of a dream to save our $$$ and purchase a caravan and just live. Go where we find work, travel around Australia and generally be a bit gypsy like. I have always been fascinated by the colourful, free flowing Bohemian style. Nothing is matchy-matchy, an ethnic vibe is present and earthy tones are rarely seen. I know deep down that I am a matchy-matchy kind of girl and shabby-chic aint my thing because peeling paint needs touching up! But a girl can dream, a girl can dream.

Have a great day!

Renee x

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Eco Minerals Review + Photos

Eco Minerals from Byron Bay Shoot

Hello! I have to get this review up because I AM SO EXCITED about this product. I had been given a few samples of the * Eco Minerals cosmetics to try out a little while ago and fell instantly in lurve, especially with the foundation. I have never come across a foundation that is so easy to blend, just pop a bit into the lid, dip your kabuki brush in and swirl onto the face. I didn't have to worry about loose powder flying everywhere, there was no fallout and it applies very evenly with a matte finish. Eco Minerals is Australian made, cruelty free and the minerals are naturally derived. I think what I like most about this foundation is that it feels a lot 'cleaner' than other mineral foundations I have used previously. I actually have a popular drugstore mineral foundation in my other hand and it feels somewhat grittier and oilier. The Eco Mineral Foundation is smoother and the pigment is so very fine. I tried to get a swatch but couldn't get a photo that I liked so if you can use your imaginations for a minute. The swatch of the Eco Minerals was smooth, a consistent colour and it is brilliant to layer. The 'ye shall not be named' drugstore brand did not stay on my skin, in fact it was impossible to build because it would not stick to itself. Sigh.
I also gave the Bronzer a try and other than the foundation this is my favourite product. It is very subtle and easy to blend. The Illuminate is a bright white powder that doesn't sparkle or glitter it just makes my face glow! Dreamtime is Eco Minerals best selling pink shade and I can see why! It gave my skin a gorgeous natural looking flush of colour. The Kabuki brush is sold separately and has soft bristles to make application of the make up comfortable and evenly distributed on the skin. This brush has fine bristles so it was easy to  blend the powder into tight areas such as around my nose without dropping bits of foundation every where. The attractive Bamboo handle is eco friendly and the entire brush is vegan meaning there is no animal content.

Sourced from Eco Minerals website

I decided to put a full face on and persuaded my husband to take some pictures to show you how natural this make up looks! He is a bit of a fan of wacky camera angles, my apologies...

What Im Wearing

Eco Minerals Perfection Foundation in Lightest Beige
Eco Minerals Mineral Blush in Dreamtime
Eco Minerals Mineral Illuminate in White Light
Eco Minerals Mineral Bronzer in Eco Exotic
Zuii Organic Eyeshadows in Moss, Jade and Chestnut
Inika Lipwhip in Berry
Blink Primer and Mascara in Black

No need to use concealer to hide those dark circles from sleepless nights. I was super pleased that the Eco minerals foundation builds on it self evenly so I could cover up the circles without using a separate concealer.

We found a lone baby wandering the woods... we decided to take it home and raise it as our own!

Miss E. playing in the dirt with her hitting stick.

Have any of you girls used Eco Minerals? What do you think of them?

Have Fun!

Renee x

P.S The baby is our daughter, just in case there are a couple of you that took me literally. We didn't find a wandering baby in the woods. 

*This product was sent to me for consideration, however my opinions are 100%  genuine and honest.