Wednesday, 21 January 2015

31 Days Of Basic Beauty

Day 20 - Choosing Foundation.

The base of any makeup is a good foundation. However there are so many different types of Foundation how do you choose? 

Here is the low down:

Matte Or Dewy Finish: Matte foundations are great for people with oily skin. These foundations tend to dry quickly so apply it with a sponge or your fingers. Using a moisturiser before applying a matte foundation will ensure an easier application.
A foundation that creates a dewy finish glides on smoothly and gives the illusion of not wearing any foundation at all. Dewy foundation is great for people with Normal to Dry skin because they are made with silicones and can 'run off' an oily skin type. 

Whipped or Mousse Foundation: I used to use whipped foundations a lot in my teen years. They are light and very easy to blend. Whipped foundations are full of air and suit any skin type but they are fantastic for normal to dry skin.

Mineral Foundations: Mineral foundations are favourite of mine because they are made of natural minerals. Mineral foundations are in a fine powder and are best applies with a big Kabuki brush so that they buff evenly onto the skin.

Pressed Powder Foundation: These foundations come in a compact and look like a pressed powder, however a foundation stays on longer than a regular pressed poder because of the special formulations. These types of Foundations are great for normal skin types. 

Stick Foundations: I have only just started using stick foundations and I am a huge fan. Not only are they compact and travel friendly but they have a medium coverage that hides redness and blemishes whilst on the go. Stick foundations can make a dry skin type look drier but are perfect for normal to oily skin.  

Because Your Beautiful

Have Fun!

Renee x

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