Tuesday, 20 January 2015

31 Days Of Basic Beauty

Day 19 - Natural Skincare

I have a special interest in using natural ingredients for my skincare. there are hundreds of fantastic plants and oils that benefit the skin but because this is a basic guide I have only chosen six common ingredients.

Rose Petals: Rose Petals have healing properties and are great for cleansing, toning and moisturising. Roses are also anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and antiviral. You can use rosewater to treat acne and its calming properties can help reduce swollen spots or redness on your skin.

Calendula: This has been long used as a anti-infective for skin that has trouble healing. Calendula is widely used on skin conditions such as excema, skin inflammation, Dermatitis and Acne. Sensitive skin types will also benefit from its calming properties. 

Chamomile: For centuries Chamomile has been used for many health reasons including the skin. Chamomile has natural antibacterial properties and is wonderfully soothing to sensitive skin types and reducing inflammation to red and swollen Acne skin. 

Olive Oil: In ancient times Olive Oil was used as an anti-ageing remedy and was used to moisturise dry skin. Olive Oil contains Hydroxytyrosol which is a rather rare compound and happens to be plentiful in Olives. This is one of the key compounds that prevent free radical damage. Dry skin and Mature skin types will benefit a lot from using Olive Oil on their skin.

Ylang Ylang: Ylang Ylang has amazing anti-inflammatory benefits, so it is often found in skincare. Acne prone skin may see an improvement on redness and blemishes. Ylang Ylang stimulates new cell growth so its a popular ingredient to add to anti-ageing skincare to smooth wrinkles

Lavender: I saved my favourite for last. Not only does Lavender have a earthy and calming fragrance it has great anti septic and anti-fungal properties. Lavender soothes acne prone skin and boosts circulation making the blood flow to the skin encourage quick healing and reproduction of new skin cells. Lavender is also wonderful as an anti-ageing ingredient.

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