Monday, 1 August 2016

*Coffee Break with Renee*

Zerin from Insincerely Her

This month I am excited to feature Zerin! The creator and writer of Insincerely Her has peppered her blog with beauty, lifestyle, fashion and fun-filled events she has attended. Her honesty and unique character is revealed layer-by-layer as I have read her blog posts, and I am thoroughly looking forward to the next!

Talk us through your blogging career- how did it start and how has it progressed?
 I have always loved reading blogs and really wanted to start my own as a little ‘fun hobby’ on the side. I honestly thought no one besides my friends and partner would read my blog, little did I know the US would be my biggest readers base followed by Australia and the UK.
I have been live for over a year the views keep rising and I am very proud of what I have achieved. I’ve had the likes of Roxy Jacenko sharing my post within a month of being live was a wonderful achievement.

Whats your blogging niche and why did you decide on it?
 I think I am not afraid to reach out to other and network. I’m not afraid to say things as they are. Competition doesn’t bother me, I am a big believer on women empowering one another. I’m thick skinned and approaching the blog world in my own way and am known for my no-filter personality. 

Do you stick to a schedule or just publish your posts whenever you feel?
 I like to post 1-2 times a week, but sometimes it can be difficult with working full time, attending events, going to the gym and the list goes on. I would rather wait to have a quality post then a rushed post. I wear a lot of hats and its about finding the right balance. 

What opportunities have you had since becoming a blogger?
 I have had the opportunities to work with a variety of brands to trial and promote their product, a few have also asked me for options on their new product to their branding to the website it’s a great position to be in. I have been invited to events and in the room with many socialites and people you see on your TV. Its crazy and can be overwhelming at times but I have found my feet and am loving it. I also now have advertising on my blog along with the opportunity to get paid for my work. Blogging is not easy! There is a lot of behind the scene work the non blogger would have no idea about. It’s a hard business but very rewarding. Cliché I know!

What are you favourite things about blogging?
 I love finding out about new products and actually seeing if they work. There are so many people who are getting paid to promote an item (we get sucked in ) and disappointed being able to try the items myself is great. I love networking and meeting new people.

What are your least favourite things about blogging?
 Taking Images! Its something I struggle with. And people using you for contacts. 

 What are your favourite kind of blog posts to write and read?
 I love featuring events on my blog that I get invited to. Lifestyle is such a huge versatile platform. I don’t get a chance to read many other blogs as I am constantly working on my own.

Do you have any other Social Media forums that you are active on and what are their names?
Instagram : @insincerelyher

Thankyou Zerin for your time! Please don't forget to check out her blog and leave some nice comments on her page. ☺

Have Fun!

Renee x