Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Washable vs Disposable Essentials

What I didn't Know...

I was actually going to write a blog post on each of these items, but I feel that by talking about them and showing these items I can explain about them a lot better.

Here are the links to the items I showed on this video:

Washable Makeup Wipes: http://juniperseedmercantile.com

Washable Nappies (Hippybottums): http://www.hippybottomus.com.au

Washable Sanitary Pads: http://gladrags.com/view_category.html

Washable Breastpads (Natures Child): http://www.natureschild.com.au

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Have Fun!

Renee x

Friday, 25 March 2016

Whats New At Lush?

Summer Lush: Haul Style

At Lush this Summer its all about bright colours, moisturising skin to beautiful softness and of course, sun protection.

I picked up the Pop In The Bath bubble bar on a recent visit to Lush and I think it's so cute! I was attracted to the pretty pink flower on top and it's lovely lavender colour.
This Bubble bar  makes mountains of bubbles and leaves the bath water with a hint of purple but what I really like about this bar is the scent. It has a fresh but soapy scent of citrus and bergamont oils that's so uplifting after long days. I have already crumbled it up and have gotten 4 baths out of it and I still have some left!  $7.50 for 100g

 The Soothing Sesame Lotion* has an SPF 10 and is a light lotion to slather all over the body. Walnut leaf infusion creates a dewy complexion and cocoa butter hydrates the skin. I gave this a try and I really liked the silky consistency of this lotion. The sesame scent is certainly an acquired taste which I still haven't got used to and I don't particularly like it. The scent does fade after 15-20 minutes but the initial smell is similar to that of Tahini. Ill probably pass this on to someone who loves the scent and would enjoy the moisturizing qualities. $15.95 for 100g

 I was so excited when I saw The Layer Cake in the Lush store, the colour of this soap just makes me happy. I'm actually saving this to use when Winter really sets in and I need a burst of sunshine in my shower. This soap is made in layers with each scent as one layer. This soap smells like juicy fruit punch and its no wonder because it contains five different fruit juices of Grape, Orange, Pineapple, Blueberry and Raspberry. How yum does that sound? $6.95 for 100g

Another item part of the new skincare range in Lush is The Great Barrier SPF 15*. This solid moisturiser has a much nicer scent than the Sesame Lotion so I have been using it quiet often. One thing  to remember is that this bar only has 3-5 applications worth so its a pricey sunscreen for everyday wear. I tend to use it as just a moisturiser and break of tiny portions and use it on my arms.  Containing sesame oil and cocoa butter I love using this solid moisturiser in the shower because I can glide this over my skin and get a moisturising and nourishing combination with SPF 15. Every lazy girls dream! My skin is left with a slight scent of  rose absolute, chamomile and eucalyptus oils which is subtle enough to layer with my favorite scent. $17.95 for 100g

Have Fun!

Renee x 

Monday, 21 March 2016

Love Yourself

Something Different...

A few weeks ago I came across a blog post from Everygoodthing about 'what do you love about yourself?
I absolutely loved the idea and sent an email around asking fellow bloggers the same question. I have had an amazing response from ladies wanting to share the thing they love most about themselves. I really wanted this to be an encouraging and uplifting post because its so easy to point out our own weaknesses and forget that we all have strengths that we need to embrace and be proud of. 

Tory Says:

I love my capacity for empathy. It makes me better at my job, a better mother and a better wife. It has helped me in my goal to live a more emotionally centered life as I can put myself in someone else's shoes before reacting. 
Age: 33

Brooke Says:

I love ... my heart. Not only does it keep the rest of me going but it’s capable of so much love. And it’s resilient. Pretty damn resilient actually because it’s been bumped, bruised, dented and broken more times than I care to admit and yet it’s still there, ticking away.
Age: 33

Nova says:

I love that I am compassionate, can care for 3 with disabilities and want to show compassion on a larger scale through a Youth Project called HollyStick Farm.Youth Project

Age 49

Kylie says:

I don’t give up. I follow things through and stick to my word. I believe if you start something, you have to give it 100%.

Age: 40

Alex says:

I absolutely love my body. I love that it has grown and birthed 2 beautiful, healthy children and provided them with nutrients essential to their development. I love it with all of its stretch marks and saggy bits. And I love that my daughter knows that I love it. 


Nici Says:

The thing I love the most about myself is my ability to learn from, and become a kinder person through life's highs and lows. When my husband took his own life in 2012 my sister gave me the best compliment I have ever received, she said 'if anyone thought this was going to break you, they don't know you very well.' I take what life throws at me and use it to become a better person, partner, friend and mum. 

Age: 33

Monique says:

I love that I have an incredible desire to always seek more from life. It may sound like I am ungrateful with the life I have, but that is not true at all. I love the way my life is unfolding and all of the exciting things I get to experience. You see, I am unable to say ‘no’. I am a ‘yes woman’, which can often be detrimental (sometimes I can be walked all over), but for the most part, it has led to many amazing things. Always being up for a new challenge or new experience has led me to do some pretty amazing things in my life thus far, and I am so proud for not being scared to take those leaps.

Age: 25

Anissa Says:

I love how amazing my body is. It's not perfect but has done some pretty awesome things, my favourite being that it's produced and nourished my two beautiful boys.

Age: 42

Kate says:

I love my ability to daydream. While sometimes it can be a real issue when I get distracted, it's these daydreams that I discover great ideas and concepts that I'd never be able to come up with if I tried.

Age: 27

Di says:

I love that I always stand up for my beliefs. I think when you can speak your mind and not worry what other people think of you, you’ve achieved true freedom.It’s an honour to be included in a group of such amazing, inspiring women!

Age: 42

Now for mine:
I love my strength and persistence. if it wasn't for these two traits of mine I probably wouldn't have moved so far away from home and had some great adventures for a year. 

I love that I have an ability to read peoples moods really easily.

A lot of the time I can see the bigger picture and I love that I can keep a positive mind on the present (if they are rough) because of it.

Have fun, and don't forget to checkout Melissa's Blog!

Renee x

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Flora and Fauna Box - Autumn

The Leaves Are Starting To Fall.


I have been really looking forward to my Flora and Fauna box this season as I felt that my other beauty spending has been pretty tamed. This beauty box better be careful or it will end up on my 'essentials' list. Im just enjoying them so much!

 Zuii Organic Satin Lip Color: Zuii is a brand that I am slowly acquainting myself with, and so far I am really liking what I see. This is the first satin lip color I have tried from Zuii and I am impressed with the rich pigment and ease of application. I had dry lips and I would exfoliate and prime the lips before attempting to apply because it tends to 'catch' on dry areas, but other than that it's a winner. The scent is amazing and it contains Zuii's signature blend of essential oils to achieve the gorgeous smell. I don't know what color I received because Zuii don't label the name on the packaging. I hope they change that soon.

Weleda Oat Replenishing Hair Treatment: Another brand I have been experimenting with a lot is Weleda. I was very happy to see a Weleda hair treatment in the box because I was thinking that my hair looked like it needed a bit of TLC. Coincidence, huh? This incredibly thick cream contains Oat and Shea Butter so hydrate and smooth each hair follicle. Even though the instructions specify to apply it on damp hair, I used this on dry hair and I found that it worked brilliantly. My scalp did not find it too oily and it didn't weigh my hair down. I am going to enjoy using this luxurious treatment this Autumn.

Burts Bees Milk and honey Body Lotion: There's something about Burt's Bees that really doesn't phase me. The lip balms are average and some even sting my lips and I find that even the body lotions aren't the nicest. I really wish I could love them. I mean, the brand is affordable and easily found at pharmacy's and online, they don't contain sulfates, petrochemicals or parabens and they are Leaping Bunny Approved so why am I so picky? Having a sample this size is very handy for traveling, but I think Ill pass this onto my mum.

Grants Toothpaste: I'm always pleasantly surprised when I see something like this in a beauty box. I feel like it mixed thing up a bit, instead of being just skincare and cosmetics. I am actually in the middle of this same toothpaste brand at home and I really enjoy it. The minty flavor is solid enough to give me fresh breath but not so 'spicy' that my three year old daughter turns away. I am comforted to know that this particular brand of toothpaste is Vegan and Cruelty Free. My gums don't feel as sensitive using a natural based toothpaste either. Natural flavors contain extracts of: Mint Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, Cardamon, Celery, Caraway, Coriander, Dill, Thyme, Rosemary and Sage. I highly recommend Grants toothpaste.

Neals Yard Remedies Hydrating Frankincense Cream: This is certainly an Autumn product for my skin as it needs a richer cream during the colder months.I haven't opened the sachet but the little information slip included says that its a light, organic moisturizing cream. It contains frankincense and myrrh to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and keeps the skin feeling soft and fresh. Sounds wonderful.

Dr Hauschka Regenerating Serum: Another item that I am thinking of passing on. Not because I don't love Dr Hauschka, I certainly do, but I think perhaps my mum may want to try this out. The regenerative Serum is made to help firm mature skin and minimize the appearance of fine lines. Sensitive skin can benefit from the cooling feeling of this serum.

Well what another amazing box. I am obviously most excited about the Zuii Organic Lip Satin and I cant wait to use the Weleda Hair Treatment again and again. I will be having fun this Autumn playing with all these treats.

Have Fun!

Renee x

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Summer Favorites 2016

Hits Of Summer 2016

 It is officially Autumn and that excites me because hopefully the heat waves will cease. Summer is always a great time of year to try new products because Christmas packs hit the shelves and exciting beauty boxes arrive in my mail box. 

I have been combining the Ivadore Tanning Treatment with a body lotion on the days I need a bit of a skin boost. This plant derived self tan containing Raspberry seed oil, organic green tea and organic coconut water means that there is no nasty ingredients and is suitable for sensitive skin. I have noticed how natural this self tanning treatment looks and its very easy to use. I don't feel like this has a strong smell and it develops naturally (overnight) and fades slowly.

 I have thoroughly enjoyed the ease of use of the Kosmea Moisturising lotion SPF 30+ . This moisturiser and sun protection has been a staple to my morning skincare and I am feeling proud of myself for using an SPF everyday (it's something I really struggle with.) This cream suits my skin type really well as its not oily and has a light whipped feel to it. I love the cooling natural ingredients such as cucumber extract and green tea extract that also help to fight free radical damage.

A coffee Based body scrub really packs a punch fighting against cellulite.After a short five days of using this Atom Coffee Body Scrub everyday, I saw a real difference in the appearance of my skin. My skin is smoother, the cellulite on my legs had dramatically broken down and stretch marks on my hips started to fade. I also enjoy the warming scent of showering with coffee. 

This Eco by Sonia Driver Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub contains Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil and is so invigorating during those long days of Summer. This is a vegan scrub with 78% organic ingredients. A hydrating mix of coconut oil and Shea butter leaves my skin feeling really soft and without the need of adding a moisturiser on top.

My pregnancy skincare routine includes the wonderful, hydrating Jojoba Oil by The Jojoba Company. I never thought that I would go through this bottle so quickly but I have been slathering it liberally on my skin for over a month now and no stretch marks on my pregnant belly yet! The lightness of Jojoba oil is perfect as a moisturiser for my face in Summer as my skin becomes a little oily. In Winter I will have to reach for a heavier oil as my skin dries in the cold weather.

When the Air-Conditioner is on during the day and the fan is blasting at night its kinda inevitable that my lips are going to get super dry and sore. Unfortunately my Sukin Lip Treatment wasn't cutting it, so I left Miss E. with my mum and raced to the pharmacy to get (quote) "something, anything to make my lips feel better! I'm desperate!" I left with the Lanolips 101 Ointment. This very thick ointment certainly did the trick. The ointment holds 200% of its weight in moisture and gave my lips time to heal. A highly recommended product if your lips are dry and sore.

Luma Cosmetics by Jess Hart has been a big hit with me this Summer, but there are a couple of pieces that I have been using almost daily. The Flawless Concealer is so easy to apply that I just dab a bit onto my under eye area with my fingertips. It's the perfect shade for my fair skin-tone and has a buildable consistency without looking clumpy. For 'light as a feather' eyelashes I reach for the Daring Curves Mascara in Jet Black. I'm not a fan of overly dramatic eyelashes and I feel like this water resistant mascara lengthens and curls my lashes to a comfortable degree. 

Summer has flown by and I feel that I have mainly been using light and natural looking makeup and body moisturisers to boot. I am looking forward to trying some new skincare and makeup looks for Autumn so stay tuned!

Have Fun!

Renee x