Sunday, 30 March 2014

Winter is coming!

Those Lovely Winter Warmers

After a very looong Summer, I am excited to announce Winter is coming! I cant wait to see rain (again) and light the fire. Eat soup and nice warm casseroles and use an umbrella! 
Well I have decided to tell you about my Winter Essentials. Anything and everything to keep me cosy when the temperature drops.

Candles: Once bub is asleep for the night I love popping on a DVD, curling up on the couch and burning one of these baby's. This is a Sniff Soy Candle* in Poached Pear. They are a very high quality candle with scents that are totally drool worthy. The Poached Pear smells like a mildly spiced pear with a white wine undertone. This 100%  soy wax candle is absolutely gorgeous and a lovely warming scent to burn when its chilly outside. They also come in other great scents like cashmere, cupcake and citrus & herb.

The packaging is gorgeous!

A lovely warm glow on a cold night.

For me Winter is a time of Hot Chocolate, Mocha and Cup of soups, in my favourite mug of course. When I am looking for a mug I want something that is my taste, so when I saw these awesome Mr. Men and Little Miss character mugs from Zazzle* I was so happy. I have found my winter mug! These are the best gift idea EVER. I am sure that there is a character for everyone. There are at least 100 different  Mr. Men and Little Miss mugs to choose from. I chose Little Miss Fun for myself and Mr Grumble went straight to hubby. Haha I do love him! He chuckled when he saw the Mr. Grumble mug! Well well, he is not Mr. Grumble anymore.

A morning Mocha in a fun mug is always a  great pick me up

Snuggs- Not quiet socks, not quiet Uggs. But so so comfy. Perfect for hanging around at home.

This winter because I mainly dress for comfort anyway I though I should buy something a bit nicer than just plain old tracky dacks. I think leggings are super comfy and if I pair them with a woolly jumper and some boots then I am set to go.I wanted a couple of pairs of printed leggings just to keep things interesting and I'm glad I got them because his time last year I was heavily pregnant and my old pairs are just too big now. I love a post pregnancy wardrobe.

Lets not forget the daggy pair of pants that are never to be seen in public but just happen to be the warmest item of clothing in my wardrobe. *sigh.

These are the things I will be using this Winter over and over again. What are your Winter essentials?

Have Fun!

Renee x

*This item was sent to me for consideration, however my opinions are 100% genuine and honest.

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