Friday, 7 March 2014

Lust Have It! Feb 2014

Lust Have It! Review

Wow. It has been a hectic week. Bub is teething like a ... I don't know but something really grizzly. A bear perhaps? And I haven't had a lot of time to blog. My Lust have It! Box arrived two weeks late and I haven't had a good play with what I received. Thank goodness Bub is a lot calmer today so I will get into my review and sorry but it will be short and sweet. 

Lust Have It! Feb 2014

So I got a hint from Lust Have It! that we would recieve a Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel in our box this month. I was really looking forward to trying it so that night I popped it on for 10 minutes. Its a clear peel and when it dies on the skin it becomes really tight and shiny. This is my favorite item in the box this month. It works! Recently I have had a bit of congested skin, not quiet white heads and not quiet black heads, something in between. Grey heads? Is that a thing? Oh well it is now. So I have been looking for something to clear it up. I hope that with a few more applications of this baby it will do the job.

I have never heard of Cosmetic Kitchen. I love the cute packaging of the eyeshadow and I like the look of the bamboo handle of this powder brush. I got the eyeshadow in Black, the actual product is nice and the pigment is good but I don't think I will be using this one. I will look on their website to see what other colours they have though. I am happy to add the brush into my small brush collection though. Not only is this brush Vegan and cruelty free it has really soft and lovely bristles. Yep I like this!

I got a Vaseline Ultimate 10 Anti Ageing Body Lotion sample and yet again I am reminded that when you reach the age box that ticks 25-35 years old, anti ageing products WILL be included. *sigh.
I don't really mind, at least I don't think I do. Still undecided. Anyway I could finish this sample up in a week so that will be useful.
This is a curious one and I plan on using this tonight. The Hand Spa Bijoux Hand Wipe came in a plastic bag with a long gold sachet inside. Now the packet says it is a hand wipe with royal jelly, glycerin and soy bean extract. All good things for your skin. I am very interested in trying this out. An anti ageing (again??) hand wipe that is packed full of nourishment? Interesting.

I'm pretty sure that a couple of months ago I got a mini Clairol Professional Colour Radiance Shampoo just like this one. I didn't use it and I probably wont use this either. Shampoos and Conditioners just aren't my thing. They don't excite me and I'm too picky to try this too. Weird huh?
We got this cute little Clairol Hairspray and I will actually use this. Surprise! I like trying out new hair sprays and sea salt sprays so I will spray this over my ponytail tomorrow. Honestly I am so boring with my hair. Ha!

So I wasn't all that crazy excited about this months Lust Have It! box. I think the quality of the products were spot on I just don't get overjoyed with hair products or black eyeshadow.
You know what? I still cant help myself, I look forward to next month.

What did you think of February's Box?

Have fun

Renee x


  1. Oh this sounds like a nice subscription service.. I wish we had it available here in the UK xx

    Gemma //

    1. Yeah we have a few here in Aust. I kept this subscription because it was really good value and it suits my tastes. I have tried a few though.


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