Thursday, 27 March 2014


The New Cover Girl Smoochies

I had the opportunity to try out the Cover Girl Smoochies and I'm so excited to have them finally arrive at my door. When I first saw the Smoochies I thought they would be more like a sheer lipstick but I was wrong. These are more like a tinted lip balm with really funky packaging. They are super soft and they have an even application. I got the #255 Sweet tweet and the # 235 tru luv. They even have a fruity scent to them, so that's why they remind me of lip balms so much. 

The tru luv and sweet tweet
 ( I kind of ruined the top of sweet tweet with the lid, oops)

The #tru luv is a really dark plum in the tube so I was a bit apprehensive about wearing it out because I don't like dark lips on myself. However to my surprise it comes off as a really soft  and sheer dark rose. I really liked the finish of this colour because I will feel comfortable wearing it all day without it feeling like I'im wearing a colour that's too dark for my fair complexion.

I love love this colour. In the tube it is a vibrant and fun grapefruit hue with a shimmer undertone. Yet again it is very sheer but as you can probably see in the picture it's a lot more pinker and lighter than the #tru luv. I think this colour will just give my lips that bit of a pop when I need it. It feels so soft and it smells like fruit!

The Covergirl Smoochies apply so easily and leave a lovely glossy look. They don't feel gluggy or heavy in fact they feel very moisturising!
What do you think of the Smoochies? Did you like them?

Have Fun

Renee x

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