Monday, 10 March 2014

A morning at the lake

Lake Leschenaultia

This morning hubby and I decided to take the baby to a local lake and walk the 3km around it. Things didn't quiet go as planned. In my head I was this energetic person who could do this walk and also let baby have a little swim. I'll be fine. However after a disturbed night sleep (thanks baby) I was almost falling asleep in the car.
So we just let baby paddle around in the water and watched the water birds on the sand. One of them even came up to our pram and had a sticky beak into bubs nappy bag. Thank goodness no dirty nappy's were in there!
It was still a lovely morning. It was quiet except for the quaking ducks and the water bird making their own odd sounds. On the weekend this Lake is teeming with families camping, eating a BBQ, canoeing and jumping off the pontoon. But this particular day I think we only saw two other people enjoying the serenity with us.

A lone duck in the water

Gorgeous lake

The small cafe near the sanded area

Bubs chubby foot playing in the water.

Having fun in the water

Our little friends came right up to us!

It was a nice way to spend the morning. Hubby and I may camp here one weekend. We have been talking about camping with bub for a while now so I suppose we should stop talking 'bout it and just do it!

Have Fun!

Renee x


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