Sunday, 20 July 2014

It's A Coconut Revolution!

Coconut Revolution Coconut Scrub and Coconut Body Cream

On all the health food websites I hear of  the massive benefits of Coconut; Eating Coconut, drinking Coconut and of course using Coconut on the skin. 
But what does Coconut actually do for the body and how does Coconut Revolution play into that? Coconut has well-known benefits to the body such as protecting against heart disease and it helps to prevent strokes as well as numerous other qualities, but what does it do for the skin? Coconut Oil can be used to hydrate, cleanse, soften and moisturise your skin!

Scrub (left) and Moisturiser (right)

This pair here is a fantastic team that work really well together! I use the scrub on wet skin, scrub, scrub then step back into the shower to wash it off and it makes my skin feel so soft. The smell is an exotic coconut scent that whisks me away to a tropical paradise for a few minutes a day. 
I finish off with the Coconut Body Cream, which makes my skin feel softer still! The moisturiser is a cream but the consistancy is a bit gel-like, meaning that is wobbles a bit in the tub like a gel. This cream has a really silky feel to it and it glides on my skin effortlessly and sinks in really quickly. I love that when I use the scrub and the moisturiser together the scent of Coconut lasts all day!
I plan on saving a little in the tub for when Spring hits because that's when I really want to smell 'coconutty' and feel like I have been on a tropical island for a week.

Have you tried any Coconut Revolution Products? What do you think?

Have Fun!

Renee x

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  1. Oh wow these sound incredible! I LOVE coconut anything so I know I'd LOVE these xx

    Gemma // Miss Makeup Magpie

  2. They DO have a lovely and tropical smell. Give them a try!

  3. These sound great! I love the smell of coconut!

  4. These sound like amazing products :) I had no idea coconut oil could be so good for your skin. I've read that it also increases hair growth. Lovely post btw.
    Love Charis

    1. Oh Wow I didnt knoow Coconut was good for hair. Thanks for the tip. x

  5. Sounds like really nice products!x

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