Friday, 14 February 2014

Summer Lovin'

My Summer Faves for 2014

I Haven't written a Summer Faves before but since I see a lot of people doing it I thought I could jump on that ol' bandwagon. During the warmer months my skincare and make-up is  very different to the colder times of year.
This is my list of cosmetics/body care:

  • Lush Big Shampoo: I have been using this exclusively to wash my hair. I love the fresh, zesty smell and it makes my hair squeaky clean.
  • Lush Soaps: My favourite is the Miranda (smells fruity like oranges) and Bohemian Soap ( this one is a really nice lemon smell)
  • Rosehip Oil: I use this on my face everyday and I still think it's the best natural moisturiser I have ever found.
  • Tinderbox Cacao and Goji Moisturiser: Yum Yum! A very effective moisturiser that makes you want to eat it too.
  • Veet Roll on wax kit: This has saved me so much money over the last few months. I dont have to go to a salon and pay up to $60 for a leg wax, I can just do it at home!
  • Maybelline BB Cream: This 8 in 1 cream is so lightweight and the coverage is sheer enough so I don't look like I'm wearing make-up.
  • Rimmell Match Perfection Blush: I usually dust a it of this over my BB cream. I love how this blush has three colours in one; light, medium,and dark so you can blend, blend, blend. 
  • Napolean Pedris Mascara: I actually got this out of a promo pack with In-Style magazine. The brush is nice and thick and the formula is lovely and creamy. I have been reaching for this one whenever I wear make-up this Summer.
Random Summer Favorites:
  • Sandals and Denim shorts: I LIVE in these in summer. The best pair of denim shorts I have found are a pair of Big W ones for $6. Score!
  • Camera and Laptop: I started blogging a only a few months ago but these two items are a big factor in this blog.
  • You tube vloggers: Ooooh, I'm hooked on those make-up channels. My favorites are Rachhloves and Zoella. Check them out now!!
  • Cadbury Marvellous Creations: I love the Jelly Popping Candy block.
  • Iceblocks: I put iceblocks in everything. Water, cooldrink, juice, smoothies. I just need icy drinks in summer.
Look out for my Mother Dearest thread for my baby summer favourites.
What's on your Summer Favourites list?

Have Fun

Renee x


  1. That Rimmel blush looks lovely! x

    1. Yes it is on my "repurchase"list when it runs out.

  2. Hi Renee, I have nominated you for the Liebster Award. Please visit my blog :)

  3. The Rimmel Match Perfection blush is really good :)

    1. It was a fluke purchase! No regrets though. x

  4. I have never tried that Veet wax...but I've got it somewhere in my drawer so I'm going to try that out - soonish. ;)


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