Thursday, 20 February 2014

Love that Lush.

An old favourite and experimenting with the new.

I have written about my love of Lush products again and again. This time I'm going to explain why I love the Lush Angels on Bare Skin. When I first went into the store I was after a cleanser that wouldn't foam up and something that was suitable for sensitive skin. The very kind lady explained that the Angels on Bare Skin was very gentle and one of their most popular cleansers. I can see why now. I have been using this cleanser for over a year now and I love it. I saw a dramatic difference to my skin within a week, my spots had disappeared and my skin looked a lot clearer. I have used random face cleansers intermittently which I have liked but I always go back to my Lush.

Angels on Bare Skin is sort of like a putty. Grab a pea-sized blob and mix it with a bit of water and then  rub onto the face. Then wash off. This cleanser smells amazing with Rose oil and Lavender oil. There are even chunks of lavender flower in it. It has a mild exfoliating action as well because there is ground up Almonds in it. Amazing.

This is the Angels Delight soap. I haven't used it yet but the smell is growing on me, at first I thought it was way too sweet. I bought it because I like the look of the fun and festive colours. I'm sure I would rather try it out before I make my mind up about it.

Now this is an interesting purchase. I bought this because my Big Shampoo had run out and I needed another. The Senik Shampoo Bar contains sea salt, protein rich Irish-Moss Seaweed with Jasmine, Mimosa and Orange Blossom. This shampoo is meant to make hair soft and shiny. One drawback, I cant stand the smell. I think it is really offensive, to me it smells like men's cologne, bad cologne. I will try this but if I smell like men's cologne even when my hair has dried I think I might buy something else.

Whats your favourite Lush item? What do you think of the shampoo bar, worth a go?

Have Fun

Renee x


  1. that cleanser sounds pretty great!
    too bad about the shampoo, although I don't think I'd like shampoo in bar form anyway :P

    1. Yeah im looking forward to giving it a go! They say the shampoo bar lasts up to 80 washes. Worth my money hopefully. x


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