Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Lust Have It! Eco Box Summer 2014

For all you eco concious ladies out there.

I have been given the opportunity to try out the Lust Have It! Eco Box. I am a regular recipient of the Lust Have It! Box which contains new cosmetics and haircare products to try, but the Lust Have It! Eco Box concentrates on eco-friendly products with natural ingredients. That's fine with me! The eco box arrived in my letterbox yesterday afternoon. I was so excited to see what they have in store for me.

Lust Have It! Eco Box
Lemon Lemongrass Body Moisturizer 145ml - Product Image
So I am sitting here munching on a KitKat and rubbing in the Dr Hauschka Lemongrass Body Moisturiser on my hand. Wow, the smell of this stuff is potent. It is really strong and zingy. A little too strong for my taste. Other than that I love the fact that this moisturiser is a cross between a lotion and a serum. The consistency is amazing and it glides on my skin like silk. It absorbed into my skin almost instantly and feels very refreshing. It contains lemon and lemongrass (hence the zingy smell) and jojoba, sunflower and olive oil to nourish the skin. I can't seem to get past the strong smell though, so I will probably use this on my hands and not all over my body.

*Gasp!* The John Plunkett NS-8 Heel Balm!  I had to try this as soon as I spotted this. I am a huge fan of the John Plunkett NS range. People, they work! I used the NS-7 Dry Skin Moisturiser a couple of years ago and I have to say without a doubt it's one of the best moisturisers I have ever used. I had a look at the ingredient list and I am pretty impressed with the amount of natural ingredients it has in it. Urea; used to hydrate, heal and treat skin thickening, Evening Pimrose Oil; promotes healthy skin growth and reduce skin water loss and Menthol; cooling, soothing and reduces itching are just some of the ingredients that go into this great skin cream. My mum and I are sharing this one so this tube will get used up pretty quickly.

I wasn't all that excited about receiving the Aveeno Daily Moisturizer Lotion. In fact, a while ago I used the Skin Relief Fragrance Free Moisturising Lotion and was entirely unimpressed with it. Far too goopy and it just slid all over my skin and didn't absorb at all. So I have tried this moisturiser on my legs a hundred times (exaggeration) before deciding that I actually like the daily moisturiser. It is a lot less thick and when I apply it to my skin it has a somewhat cooling effect. Bonus. This moisturiser has an oat formula so it is designed to be very soothing and even after testing it on my legs for two days they feel a lot less crocodile-ish.

Ooh! I love face oils. I much prefer to use  face oil that a cream everyday. I cant wait to give this People For Plants Organic Face Oil a try. Good news, it is 97.7% organic certified. This argan oil helps to stimulate the production of collagen and milk thistle acts to sooth and nourish.  I wont crack open the seal yet because I already have a face oil open and I cant justify having two face oils on the go. I will let you guys know what I think once I have used it for a while.

Im a bit 50/50 about the Claytime Pure Mineral Cover Foundation. I think because it has clay in the ingredients it has a danger of looking dirty when it is on the face. The colour I received was way too dark but I cant expect Lust Have It! to know my skin tone. Also it felt like I was brushing dirt on my face. I don't know... I have never used clay cosmetics before so perhaps some of you ladies are big fans. On the plus side this powder has a heavy coverage for those of you who need to cover acne, scars or blemishes and it has an SPF of 24.

My mum and I will be giving the Suigo Vital Nutrition Intensive Hair Repair a go. She has coloured hair, I have a perm. I'm always a bit nervous about using new hair stuff because one of my pet hates is to have product build-up in my hair. Yuck. But this contains Brazilian Palm Oil and natural avocado which are great for moisturising brittle hair so I think this may be nicer than a few previous repair treatments I have used.

Swatch of Nude By Nature Tinted Moisturiser

I'm always happy to receive a tinted moisturiser and the Nude By Nature Tinted Moisturiser is no exception. Initially I feel as though this product is a little oily, I am positive I can feel the sunscreen in it. However it doesn't dry tacky and it gives an even coverage. I personally would put a light dusting of powder over it so it doesn't shine and I prefer to feel a powder on my face than a liquid. It can be used under foundation as a primer or on its own for an even radiant complexion.

So ladies that was in my Lust Have It! Eco Box. This box is a great eco friendly alternative to the regular Lust Have It! Box or a wonderful addition to an already growing collection of  subscription boxes.

What are your favourite eco-friendly products?

Have Fun

Renee x

Lust HaveIt! Eco Box was sent to me for consideration, however my opinions of the products are 100% genuine and honest.


  1. These are some great products - I am excited to try them.
    I am your newest follower & your blog is adorable - as is
    that precious child; enjoy every minute!!

    1. Thankyou. I would say my absolute favorites are the NS-8 Heel Balm and the Lemongrass Moisturiser. Give those a go, if no other.
      Renee x


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