Monday, 10 February 2014

Lust Have It! January Review

It's time to crack open that box and see the goodies inside.

My January Lust Have It! box has finally arrived a couple of days ago. An apologetic and wonderful Lust Have it Team has communicated with all its customers the reason for the delay ( third party issues) so I wasn't worried whether I had been forgotten or not. Ha.
Now, last week I received the Lust Have It Eco Box and loved it! It was packed full of wonderful new products to try and I just really liked the combination that they sent out to me. So when I opened the January Lust Have It! Box I was completely underwhelmed. There was only five product and one of them was a measly little 3ml hair oil. Hmmmm. So I decided to give it a couple of days of actually trying out the products before I wrote a review with a bias first opinion still stuck in my head. It's been three days.

I love the idea of the Invisible Zinc Tinted Daywear. This is a 3 in 1 sunscreen, moisturiser and foundation. To me this is more of a zinc with tint in it. Some formulas are more moisturisers with a dash of sunscreen in them, so when I gave this a try it felt like applying a fairly heavy sunscreen to my face. It has a tacky feel even when dry but the tint gives a really lovely sheer looking coverage. I think Invisible Zinc would be great for those day when you need sun protection at the beach or at a picnic and you don't want to wear a foundation on top of it.

What is this Paula's Choice Skin Perfecting 8% AHA Gel? Another item to stash away in my 'probably will never use' box? I was really concerned about trying this gel, because, as I have mentioned before my skin is prone to redness and I didn't want to come out in splotches if this gel was too harsh. But I'm a good little blogger so I gave it a try for you guys. Oh-my-goodness! This stuff is amazing! I cleansed and toned my face and dabbed a bit of this gel on every night for three nights and already I am seeing a dramatic difference in my skin. The redness around my cheeks is fading and my skin tone is a lot brighter. I am really impressed with this product, the sample I recieved will not last long because I am using it so often! But be careful in the sun when using this gel everyday because the AHA's can make the skin sensitive to sunburn.

The Simple Skincare Facial Cleansing Wipes is one of those packets I don't have to open just now. I discovered these  couple of years ago and have gone through at least two full size packets. I don't lean toward wipes but when I do I'll pick the Simple brand. I have tried many different brands of makeup wipes but the Simple seem to be the only ones that don't either dry my skin or break me out. These also claim to remove waterproof mascara, but I don't use it so I wouldn't know. Have any of you girls used these with waterproof mascara?

After trying this Aveda Daily Moisturising Oil I am so disappointed that I didn't get a full size. I use hair oils instead of creamy conditioners, I just like the feel a lot better. I gave this hair oil a go tonight and it is so lovely. It's so light and silky and it kind of smells of your nanna's floral body powder, but in a good way. My hair feels really moisturised and it hasn't weighed it down at all. The oil I am using at the moment is a lot heavier than this one so I plan to buy the Aveda oil as soon as I'm done using my old one up.

This Paula's Choice One Step Face Cleanser is a really nice basic foaming gel for the face. I usually don't go for gel cleanser as I find that they make my skin really oily, so I only tried this once. My skin didn't become oily very quickly with this cleanser which surprised me because I was gearing up for it. I felt no residue of gel and I didn't react by getting red cheeks which is nice. So I would recommend this gel to anyone who gets oily/sensitive skin. I think I'll stick to my Lush cleanser though.

So, even though I frowned in disappointment while opening the box I am glad I gave these products a chance because I have found a few gems. And a few things to put on my 'must buy full size when other stock has run out' list. The hair oil and the Paula's choice AHA Gel goes on that list. I certainly wouldn't have found them if I wasn't a member of Lust Have It!

Have you tried any of these products? What is your favourite?

Have Fun

Renee x


  1. Thry are great. This sample size was perfect for carrying around in my bag.


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