Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Baby's Summer Favorites.

Mums and Bubs favorites for Summer

In Western Australia it's very warm. For someone who loves the rain and cold, Blimey its a scorcher! The average day is around 35 Degrees Celsius and we have had an unbearable day of 43 Degrees that's 109 degrees Fahrenheit for all you guys who come from that part of the world. Thats super crazy! Remember I love Winter.
Anyway enough of the rant and lets get down to business. The point of this post was to tell you guys what Me and my Bub have been loving these Summer months. 

  1. Bonds Tank tops: Bub pretty much lives in these in summer. They are really stretchy and very cool to wear. They come in heaps of colours but we have white, pink and purple.
  2. Nuk Bottles: When its a really hot day and we are out and about in the car I usually have one of these handy full of water. She's quiet happy to sip on this when she is thirsty. After a few weeks bub kind of refused to take a teat on the bottle so we had to change it to a training bottle which she prefers.

  3. Rafferty Gardens Food Purées: At seven months old bub took her first spoonful of pumpkin purée after being exclusively breastfed.We have had a bit of a rocky start with solids. Somedays she will take it, other days she simply refuses to open her mouth. Thats OK. But I do love the food pouches with no preservatives and just natural ingredients. This means I don't have to purée food myself when there is a high chance she wont eat it. And yeah, I'm a bit lazy too.
  • Cardboard books: When a baby is teething, all they want to do is munch. Books are not munch friendly, unless their pages are made out of cardboard. Then they are a bit more sturdy. Her favourites are Spot- By Eric Hill and The Very Hungry Caterpillar- By Eric Carl
So these are the few things that we have been using endlessly during Summer. I hope you enjoyed reading. Don't forget to tell me what your Summer Essentials are.

Have Fun 

Renee x

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