Thursday, 27 February 2014

Jurlique for the sensitive ladies.

Jurlique and Bio Oil, a soothing remedy.

Today I feel like a lucky duck because not only did I get my February Violet box in the mail, I also received a couple of bags of goodies from Jurlique.  I'm so excited to try these products so lets delve into these bags of mystery and see what gems await.

What's in these?

Baby's Soothing Moisturising Cream

First thing I picked out was this Baby's Soothing Moisturising Cream. So I'm going to break the seal and give this a whiff. Is that chamomile I smell? Nope wrong, It's Lavender. I really like the smell of this. As you can probably tell from earlier posts, I go crazy over anything that's Lavender scented. It's just sooo delicious. I also noticed with this cream that it has a very thick consistency. Kind of like Bepanthen. I really enjoy using very thick creams on Bub and I think that it's a lot easier to massage her with a thick cream because I don't have to reapply it over and over again like I would with a thin lotion.
This baby moisturiser contains Calendula which is famous for soothing irritated skin and reducing inflammation. It also contains Glycerin and Honey to leave baby's skin soft. Macadamia, and Shea Butter oils moisturise and protect baby's delicate skin. Also lets not forget that lovely Lavender essential oils to calm baby. Sounds good to me!

Baby's Gentle Shampoo & Body Wash

Wow a Gentle Shampoo and Body Wash! I was glad I received this because I have run out of my previous bath wash for baby.  One thing I noticed very quickly about this bath wash was that it only bubbled a little when immediately poured into water, then the bubbles just faded away. So I'm very curious to see what the ingredients are in this because I'm feeling  lack of Sodium Lauryl Sulphate. After a thorough read of the ingredients I am pleased to see that Sodium Lauryl Sulphate is NOT listed here. I am glad that I can use a bath time product with my baby and not worry about her being drenched in a chemical that has been known to irritate sensitive skin. This little beauty smells like lovely Lavender and it also contains Soap Bark Tree which provides gentle cleansing benefits. Hmm haven't heard of that one before. I love the container too, It has a cute flip top lid which I haven't seen on any other brands.

Restorative Treatment Serum and Soothing moisturising Cream

So I have cleansed my skin tonight and now I am looking forward to applying some Restorative Treatment Serum. I have sat around the house for about two hours without a moisturiser on my skin and (being someone with dry/sensitive skin) my face feels really really tight.  I love the frosted glass packaging that the serum comes in. I'm a sucker for anything that comes in glass packaging. It just feels a bit more special. I pumped a bit onto my finger and noticed that the serum is like a light yellow colour. I can't place the scent either, but its a very fresh floral smell. Perhaps its a blend of the Prickly Pear extract (helps calm skin sensitivity) or a combination of Calendula, Chamomile, Echinacea, Self Heal, Spilanthes and Marshmallow extracts  ( defends against sensitised skin)? When I applied this serum onto my face it felt like my skin grabbed it and drank it all up. There is no sticky residue and it dries matte. I can feel my skin relaxing a lot too. I'm very surprised how quickly this serum works! I usually use a moisturising oil after I tone but after using the Restorative Treatment Serum and I will defiantly work this into my regular skincare routine.

When I first applied the Soothing Moisturising Cream I was a tad concerned. I was rubbing it in a circular motion and it seemed to just build on top of itself. I then changed it to outward strokes and the cream spread a lot better and started to sink in very quickly. Still a thickish cream this is no light lotion. I don't mind it that much as long as the cream isn't greasy or feels like an oil slick. When this dried on my skin it had a sheen and gave my skin a natural glow. This cream smells absolutely yummy! It contains Evening Primrose, Macadamia and Avocado oils. Oh! And Rose Hip Oil ! I have seen such a difference on my skin since using Rosehip Oil so I'm excited to see that in the list of ingredients. I am very keen to incorporate this into my skincare regime. I think it will go something like this: Cleanse, tone, moisturise then once a day I'll use the serum. Goody.

Bio Oil

I received a little bonus in my bag; a 125 ml Bio Oil. I used Bio Oil throughout my pregnancy and I practically slathered it all over me at night. When my baby was getting bigger and bigger in my belly the skin would get really itchy because it was stretching. I found that putting this oil on my belly really relived the dry itch. I cant say that I have NO stretch marks because that would be a lie. I am a tiny 5ft and I had a 9.14 pound baby, I was HUGE by nine months. So I have a couple stretch marks near my hip bone but I'm guessing they would have been a lot bigger if I didn't use a moisturising oil. I would definitely recommend this to any pregnant lady out there. Even if its just to sooth that belly itch.

What's your favourite Jurlique product?

Have Fun!

Renee x

These products were sent to me for consideration. My opinions of these products are 100% genuine and honest .

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