Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Autumn Favorites 2015

It's Favourites Time!

Eek! I cant believe its favourites time again. I know a lot of bloggers do a monthly favourites, but I simply couldn't keep up with that. I also don't rotate products that quickly, having said that though there are a few new products that I cant wait to share with you.

The Toby and Rosie Mango Hair Conditioner: I have been going through a phase where 90% of my skincare and haircare come in bar form, including my conditioner. I love how bars don't take up as much shelf space and there is no packaging, they also seem to last longer that creams and lotions. This conditioner is kind of basic but it does the job. My hair is moisturised and I don't have to wash it the next day because of the lack of synthetics I am slathering on my hair. Toby and Rosie conditioners are all hand made and they don't use any nasty chemicals, which is one of the reasons why I love their products so very much.

Tinderbox Orange Flower Toner: I am a huge fan of Tinderbox Products, they have a little shop in Balinyup that I visited last year and I felt like I was in skincare heaven. Tinderbox's trademark blue bottles look gorgeous on any bathroom counter and they are practical as blue glass is great for keeping longevity in products.  Each product has a gorgeous illustration on the label as well which make them unique in their own way. This toner has really brightened the appearance of my skin and has given it a fresh new look.

NS-8 Foot and Leg Moisturiser: This moisturiser is one of my favourites because it works. My legs and arms are hydrated just enough to stop that dry skin itch after a steamy hot shower, (not good for skin but I love them). This lotion has quiet a thin consistency but it glides over the skin effortlessly and it requires a little time to rub into damp skin but the results are unmistakably hydrated and velvety soft pins.

Red Earth Eye liner: This eye-liner duo has the perfect Autumn shades. On one end is a shimmery gold and the other end is a metallic military green. These colours compliment my dark hazel eyes perfectly and I tend to wear these with the gold in the inner corner of my eyes and I line the rest with green. I love how these colours last all day especially the green. I received this pencil a few years ago for my birthday and unfortunately its not on the Red Earth website any more but they have some other great colours. Personally I think you should join with me in a petition to bring back the green and gold!

Red Earth Eyeliner Swatch

What have you been loving this Autumn? Should we ask Red Earth to bring back the eye-liner duos?

Have Fun!

Renee x


  1. Oh I love Tinderbox! Have you tried their Cacao Maca Chai? It's so good, great for the 3pm slump.

  2. HI! No I haven't but Ill put it on the list for when I go to their shop soon. I think I may stock up on their body lotions for Summer too.


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