Friday, 12 June 2015

9 Days of Healthy Recipies *Day 1*

Day 1 *Quinoa and Banana Cinnamon Pudding*

The last few weeks Miss E. and I have been very sick with colds and the flu so I decided to add more veggies and fruit in out diet. These are some recipes that we have been making the last week.


I mixed some quinoa and water together and left it overnight. I the morning I heated up some soy milk and added blended banana and cinnamon to it. I then topped it off with puréed frozen berries. It was yummy and filling, I only managed to finish half the bowl.

I also had a glass of lemon water which is supposed to be really good at helping aid digestion and cleansing the system.

I won't write down every little thing that I have eaten because I think that may be boring to read and write but these are my favourites.

Keep an eye out for tomorrows recipes. Enjoy!

Have Fun!

Renee x

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