Wednesday, 4 February 2015

*Review* INDAH Purfume Balms

Cruelty Free Scents.

Beautiful Because is a website that I stumbled across whilst doing some beauty blogger research (as you do). Beautiful Because is a web-store that stocks natural, organic and eco-friendly brands from Australia and beyond!
INDAH is one of these brands that is made by Model Teisha Lowry and uses organic ingredients to develop a beautiful and superior product, such as her purfume balms. During my research on cruelty free products I have noticed that like many makeup brands there are many perfume brands that still test on animals. I'm not OK with that. So this year I want to introduce a wider variety of cruelty free cosmetics to my blog (including Scents).

INDAH perfume Balms* come in stunning packaging that looks so very special. I received a INDAH Gift Box which contains four of their amazing perfume balms. This is a great gift for anyone who can't just stick to one perfume, like myself.

INDAH Perfume Balms are 95% Organically Certified by the ACO. INDAH is Palm Oil free and certified by Choose Cruelty Free. The packaging comes from renewable and natural sources.

Neroli and Jasmine create the key notes to this powerful scent. Dewi is a sensual fragrance designed to bring out the 'goddess' in you. I certainly feel that this is the more brave scent because the strong combination of the Jasmine and Neroli certainly turns heads.

In Love
This is my favourite purfume Balm out of the four. It provides a soft, romantic scent of Ylang Ylang and Rose-Otto. The woody base is evident once the oils touch my skin and then quickly the Orange and Rosemary creep its way to the surface. I do find that this fragrance lasts the longest on my skin, but woody fragrances last a long time on me.

Travel Balm
This is an energising scent of Ginger, Cypress and Orange designed for travel sickness and long commutes. I'm not too keen on this one only because too many citruses and spices can overwhelm my nose. That being said though, my skin really likes this one and my body reacts really well to the oils and it mellows out to a lovely refreshing scent, so if I had to say yes or no I would say yes. Because its more important that a scent is pleasing on the skin, don't you think?

Zen Meditation Balm
This purfume Balm is like no other scent I have ever worn. With spices usually found in curries such as Carmadon, Clove Bud and Cinnamon, it was easy for me to recognise where the influence of the scent came from. India. It's a smell that I could imagine the markets to be like, with stalls of spices on display. If I apply this scent in the morning it usually last until lunchtime, the spices seem to gradually and steadily fade off my skin.

In every order there are free product samples. I love that, It gives me a chance to try something different and as a beauty blogger I am all for that! I was sent a sachet of the Rahua Voluminous Shampoo and Voluminous Conditioner. I liked the conditioner, I found it moisturising and light so it doesn't weigh down my flat hair. However, I feel the Voluminous Shampoo didn't suit my oily scalp and my roots looked like they needed a wash a little too soon. Even though this Shampoo and Conditioner combo didn't work for me I would recommend it for people with dry to normal hair types.

Let me know if you have tried a perfume balm before.

Have Fun!

Renee x 

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