Monday, 30 June 2014

Botani is in Priceline!

Review: Botani Spirulina Salt Scrub and Healing Lip Balm

Last week I was so excited to spot Botani in Priceline, I let out a happy yelp. Back in March I did a review on the Botani Hand Cream and the Olive Skin Serum, which you can read HERE, and fell instantly in love with this brand. I ended up having a squiz through the Botani website and saw a couple of things that I knew I really wanted to try, the Spirulina Salt Scrub being the top of the list.

This salt scrub is unlike any body scrub I have ever used. I am used to the general scrubs where the salt particles are the size of small pebbles and its sitting in a jar of oil. Not so with Botani's scrub. As you can see from the above picture, the mixture is more like a cream and the salt is quiet fine. This is excellent because not only did I use a small amount because its a cream mixture and it spreads a lot better on the skin, but there was not a pile of salt strewn all over the shower floor.
 Sometimes I feel like the bigger salt scrubs don't do much to my skin and to be frank it's quiet uncomfortable scrubbing away with salt that could be as big as my fist, talk about abrasive. The Botani Salt Scrub is so gentle and it didn't fall out of my hands and scatter everywhere because of the moisturising cream that kept it all together. 
This is a sweet and fresh smelling Lemon and Mandarin mixture the lovely moisturising benefits of, you guessed it, olive oil. Botani's core ingredients are derived from the olive plant, promising wonderful moisturising benefits from using any of the lotions and scrubs. I am very, very happy with this delightful scrub and I will savour every moment I use this.

I also spotted The Botani Healing Lip Balm and though I could give that a go too. This lip balm is something different too. It doesn't contain Bee's wax or paraffin or petroleum, in fact the main ingredients are jojoba seed oil and olive oils and butters. This is a very moisturising Lip balm that doesn't feel "heavy" to wear and leaves a really nice looking glossy finish. This has a nice subtle vanilla scent to it, I'm also a huge fan of lip balms in cute packaging and this tin is just great with an easy screw top lid. My Dr. Hauschka Lip Balm has almost run out so I plan on letting this little beauty take its place next to me on the side table in our lounge-room. An honorary position for the absolute best lip balms and hand creams I own.

So that's the couple of Botani things I got from Priceline. If you see it on the shelves, I encourage you to have a play with the testers and give a couple of things a go. It is so very nice.

Have Fun!

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