Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Autumn Favourites '14

My Picks This season

This season I have a list of favorites that suit staying indoors on a cold night and popping out as quickly as can be to run errands before it starts to pour again. 

First on my list is pretty much the makeup I will wear if I'm going out somewhere other than the local shops and I have to be quick to get ready because baby is waiting. 
I have used my Eco Minerals almost everyday since I have received them because it is super easy to use and the foundation and blush look fantastic! They bring a very soft look which is great for winter because I don't want to look 'made up' too much when I am going to be out for a short time.
Even if I am not wearing makeup during the day I always put some Australis Extender Lash and Brow gel through my eyebrows just to keep them in check. Talking about Australis products, another item from their line which I have repurchased over and over again is their Stayput Longlasting Retractable Eyeliner , I always reach for this in the morning because it is sooo easy to apply and it lasts all day. I also love that Australis is cruelty free and it is found in Priceline which is a popular store in Australia.
Whenever I really like a lip balm it goes in my bag because I know it will get used. The People for Plants Organic Lip Balm in Peppermint and Evening Primrose is absolutely delicious, It leaves a yummy tingling feeling on my lips and it is really hydrating and stops my lips from feeling dry and cracked. I am very keen to try some more of their products.
I stumbled upon Sukin Nourishing Lip Treatment a while ago and I honestly can't believe I haven't mentioned it before because I use it everyday. I usually use this over a lip stain as a gloss because it has a beautiful shine to it, but it is perfect as a hydrating treatment all on its own.

The making of Pea and Ham Soup in my slow cooker.

I got my slow cooker a couple of years ago from my parents as a Christmas gift. I have spits and spurts of using this, for example it doesn't get much use in the summer because we tend to eat fresh salads for dinner but once the weather starts getting cold I get a hankerin' for some nice hot stews. I make soups, casseroles and risottos in my friend here and its so easy. I just cut up all the veggies pop them in and turn the dial, six hours later its a beautiful, yummy and healthy dinner. This model has a great insert that I can brown my meat on the gas stove and then put the rest of the ingredients in the same dish and cook it all together so the juices stay in the pot. Washing less dishes is always nice too.

T.V Shows.

Yes it's chilly and I have a baby to look after so I'm not going out anywhere at night. As well as blogging I have another favourite pastime, and that's immersing myself in some good ol' Dramas. There is always washing to fold- almost every night- so when baby is in bed I fold and enjoy watching some great stories. 

Call the Midwife really educated my husband and I about childbirth before Miss E. came along, and made me think about some very important questions. Is that cranberry jam that comes out after childbirth? Yes it must be, what else would it be?

I have watched all four seasons of Downton Abbey back to back and it was great. I love how much the characters have evolved over the years and of course who can't watch this series and marvel at the pretty pretty dresses?

Bomb Girls is a show I have recently discovered, it took me a couple of episodes to get the hang of it but by the end of the last episode I was itching to see what happens next. This show is about the girl in the factories that made bombs for WW2.

So that's my favourites for this season. Is there anything in this list that you have enjoyed?

Have Fun!

Renee x

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