Monday, 9 June 2014

Dr Hauschka Concealer

Need a Concealer for Blemishes That Works?

In my recent blog posts I have mentioned numerous amounts of times that my skin hasn't been behaving the best lately. I have been victim to red splotches, excess oiliness and the odd pimple in no other than the dreaded T-Zone. I was kindly asked if I would like to give the Dr Hauschka Coverstick a try, well of course I jumped at the chance! 
This is not just any Coverstick, it also has ingredients in it to help sooth and nurture imperfections of the skin. The main active ingredient in this Coverstick is Tea Tree oil, which we all know is great for treating cuts, insect bites and anything that has the potential to get infected. I have been known to dab Tea Tree oil straight into a nasty pimple to heal it and yes it works! It is recommended to apply the Coverstick at the first sign if a pimple not just to cover it but also to treat it with rose petal, calendula, carrot and anthyllis helping to reduce redness.
This Coverstick applies very smoothly and has more of a powder finish than a liquid finish. I found that it doesn't hide dark circles as much as it covers up red splotchy cheeks. The light and easily blendable concealer makes enlarged pores fade away and whiteheads unnoticeable. The formula can be built on itself to hide larger blemishes but once it has been gently patted with a light finger, the concealer seems to melt away onto the skin leaving a flawless finish. 

This windup concealer is really easy to apply and I prefer it to liquids which can get a bit messy.

As you can see the colour I got 01 is a true match to my skin tone.

I recommend this concealer for people with oily skin, uneven skin , acneprone skin and even those people with acne scarring . Its a very gentle looking formula that is very easy to wear and the packaging is about the size of a pen so popping it into a bag and touching up during the day is no problem.
Interested in the Dr Hauschka Coverstick? Check it out

Have Fun!

Renee x

This product has been sent to me for consideration, however my opinions are 100% genuine and honest.


  1. Love this post and your blog! I will have to try this out as it looks good! And its great that it's your perfect shade-I can never seem to find the perfect match! xxxx

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