Thursday, 19 June 2014

Baby got a sore bottom?

Two Little Helpers

Since I have been getting pretty keen on the cruelty free products I have wondered if the popular baby brands are cruelty free. Are they just as good if they were cruelty free? Well, I was due to replace my Johnson and Johnson Baby powder and Bepanthen cream so I decided to do a little research on their ingredients list and in the mean time I had the opportunity to test out some baby products.

To replace my Bepanthen

Organic Babies is a gentle, baby friendly range from Green People. This thick paste called Nappy Cream Baby Balm is made to be a great 'all rounder' that can be used on cuts and grazes and of course the unfortunate victim of nappy rash. Rich in Zinc and Omega 3 and 6, this is a really effective healing balm that only contains the good stuff and no parabens, lanolin and artificial fragrances. Lets be honest none of those things help with the healing process.
 I really do have faith in this gorgeous balm because I used it on my baby's mild nappy rash one night and the next morning it had completely healed. Because of the very thick consistency a little goes a long way however I had to warm it up a little between my fingers first.
I think this balm is such a lovely and gentle nappy rash busting cream and I will be using this for a long time to come.

To replace my Johnson and Johnson Baby Powder

The Dr Haushcka Body Silk can be used to absorb any dampness in the nappy area. It's really gentle too, again, not containing any of the nasties that a certain popular other brand does. This Body Silk does not contain talc which after a bit of research is a big no no for the genital area, especially for girls. There has been possible links between prolonged used of talc down in the lady department and Cancer. Read More Here.
 This is a Rice starch based product which means that it is safer than Talc and also it gives a drier finish. The actual powder is a bit more 'grainy' than talc but I agree with rice starch giving a drier finish on the skin. Its a very gentle powder with a lovely herbal scent and bub has not had one nappy rash complaint since using this. Perhaps because of the swap? *nudge nudge
For the grown-ups this is such a versatile powder! Because of the beautiful scent it can be used after a shower in replacement of perfume, it can stop the scalp from getting too oily by brushing a bit through the hair roots and it can be used as an anti-bacterial powder for those fungal prone feet. Wow! Personally I would use this as a nice smelling powder for when I cant be bothered putting on perfume, but I think I'll save this for baby, because nappy rash is SUCH a pain!

Have Fun!

Renee x

These items were sent to me for consideration, however my opinions are 100% geniune and honest.

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