Sunday, 28 September 2014

*Detox Your Makeup Bag*

Time for a Detox?

With so many organic cosmetics out on the market, it is so easy to find some exciting new products to add to your makeup bag. Here is my little wish list:
  1. Zuii Organic Foundation in Rose. This foundation gives medium coverage and leaves a smooth and natural looking finish. Contains Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and Vitamin C. RRP $44.95
  2. Bare Blossom Blush in Flaming Ray. A soft and smooth blush to make your skin glow. RRP $43.00
  3. Eco Minerals Mascara in Black. This is a all natural formula that makes lashes look lushious and keep lashes healthy. RRP $33.00
  4. Bloom Eyeshadow in Sunset. Smooth formular inn a golden warm Brown. RRP $25.00
  5. Blue Wren Purse. This little blue wren in Australian native grasses is made from Australian Certified Organic unbleached cotton. RRP $9.95
  6. Inika Lip Whip in Peach. This ultra moisturising lip whip has a high gloss finish and is 100% Vegan. RRP $25.00
Have Fun!

Renee x


  1. You have some great posts.
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  2. I love organic cosmetics and wish we had more variety in the UK! I have used a few brands that I like but would love more to become available <3 thanks for sharing these xx

    1. Thanks! I have always ad an interest in organic cosmetics and I am glad they are becoming more common on the market, I just google organic makeup Australia and eaps of results come up. Im sure UK have tonnes of brands : )


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