Monday, 5 May 2014

Peach Face Review

A Sweet n Sassy Skincare Line For Teens

Peachface is a cruelty free skincare line designed exclusively for the delicate skin for tweens and teenagers. Do you have a sister, niece, daughter, cousin or friend who is ready to start the journey of taking care of their skin? Then read on and learn more about some of the gentle and nourishing products Peachface has to offer.

Some of the beautiful illustrations on the labels.

Sweet n Sassy Cleanser. 
A gentle and creamy cleanser with a refreshing smell. In fact it smells a bit like a nice green salad, seriously, it smells green. I found that this cleanser worked really well to get the makeup off my face and got the grit of the day off my skin with ease. This cleanser contains Australian fragonia essential oil and lavender essential oil to make the skin feel fresh and soft.

Adorable Toner. 
 I usually find that straight after using a cleanser my skin may be clean, but doesn't feel too clean because there is always a little bit of excess product on my skin, no matter how many times I wash it off. Toner is an essential part of a skin care routine no matter what people say. This is a very light mist and it was excellent for wiping off the last remaining bits of the cleanser. It made my skin feel very smooth and clean.

Think Pink Face Mask.
 This is a pretty pink clay mask, it can be a little messy to apply but just stay close to the bathroom sink. This mask goes on wet but within 10 minutes it dried so much that it felt tight on my skin.  Time to wash it off. I find the best way to wash off clay masks is to fill the bathroom sink up with warm water and use a wash cloth and gently wipe it off. Usually with masks I splash water all over the place but clay products seen to get everywhere when not treated carefully. Clay masks are one of my favourite skincare items. They may be a little fiddly to put on but they are super rich in minerals that once I take the mask off my skin feels as soft as a babys bottom!

Bee So Happy Moisturising Gel. 
This is a sweet smelling lotion, kind of like a serum in consistency. I didn't need to use a lot of product at all and It just glided over my skin with amazing ease. I feel as though this is a gentle and non-oily product which I love.This silky moisturiser contains honey, organic green tea and burdock root extracts which are great for protecting and replenishing troublesome teenage skin

After trying these product myself I handed them to my younger cousins to see what they thought. Here is what they said:

Kelly - " I have used the cleanser a couple of times and I really like it! My skin has been looking nicer lately and it's the only thing that's changed so I'm sure it must be doing something! It smells so nice and natural too and it's easy peasy to use..."

( Poor Emily had a slight sensitive reaction to one of the products but couldn't say which one exactly)
Emily - " My favourite product was the cleanser though because it felt so smooth and nice putting on."

Have Fun!

Renee x

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