Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Got Troublesome Nails?

Fabuluscious Nail Range

I had always thought that because nail treatments traditionally are laden with nasty chemicals that a) are so harsh that they must be tested on animals first before human hands could even think of using them and b)would never be as effective if they didn't have nasty chemicals in them.
Well, I have been sent the Fabulusious Nail Treatment range to test out and not only are they made is Australia and not tested on animals, they also don't contain: 

  • Foraldehyde- known to be a human carcinogen
  • Toluene- when inhaled can be intoxicating
  • DBP-  can cause psychological problems in large quantities
  • Camphor- flammable
  • Formaldehyde Resin- Used as coatings and adhesives
Urg gross stuff like that on my nails? No way! So here is a run down on each of the treatments in this line.

The Fabuluscious Triple Tough contains diamond particles to make your nails ultra strong. Diamonds are a very tough jem which makes it ideal as a base for this formula as it is perfect to resist any nail damage during busy days. Diamonds are also a great base for this polish in particular because water cannot penetrate through them, meaning that the nail bed will not become moist and find it difficult to grow and become healthy. Triple tough is ideal to use as a base coat so that the polish will last longer and not split.

Ah yes, those pesky ridges in the nail bed making the nail grow all wonky and not smooth at all. Applying a nail colour to these types of nails is horribly tiresome (posh much?) because it feels like no matter how many layers of nail varnish you apply, your nails are never smooth! The Ridge Filler is a thicker formulation and after it is applied it kind of settles in all the cracks and acts as a smooth base for your favourite nail colour. I found that it took a little longer to dry compared to a traditional base coat because obviously in some places a bit more is on the nail filling in that ridge. However if you don't stick your finger on the nail like I did, then I'm sure you could apply nail varnish quickly on your nail without it smudging.

The Ceramic Glaze has three uses. If you prefer a natural nail, then this is great for a nail hardener for those weak, problem nails. This can also be used as a base coat and a top coat for nail varnish. The Ceramic glaze creates an outstanding shine on my nail polish, it dried quicker than the Ridge filler too ( even though they are made to do completely different things.) Its a lighter formula than the others which I suppose is why it died so quickly, but that's good because no one really want to wait around for their polish to dry do they?

The Miracle Nail is a vitamin boost in a bottle. It contains vitamin A, vitamin C, Vitamin E and Vitamin F. Natural Silicuim and natural oils make this a lovely hydrating nail nourisher. I used to use nail oils years ago when I worked in Pharmacy and they work really well, so I am really looking forward to using this for a week or so and checking back with you guys later. This can be used twice a day.

The Intensive Growth is more of a nail treatment for slow growing nails and protects against splitting and chipping. This formula contains Vitamin E and Jojoba seed oil. This is a 15 day course where you apply a coat a day for three days, remove then apply a coat a day for three days and remove. Repeat to make up to 15 days. These kinds of treatment only work well when done correctly. If after 5 days you decide that you can't be bothered with removing and applying it then I would suggest to try the Miracle Nail because you don't need to remove it, you just rub it in and your done. But in my experience treatment like these are amazing if you stick to them.

The Mirror Shine is very easy to apply and settles very quickly and evenly on the nail. It creates a lovely glossy finish. Its probably the quickest drying formula out of all of these nail treatments which is good because it is made to be a top coat. This is an anti yellowing polish with active UV protection to encourage colour longevity. Need I say more?

If you want to learn more about Fabuluscious Nail Treatments clickety Here.

Have Fun!

Renee x

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  1. These sound fab, I would love the mirror shine top coat!
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