Thursday, 5 May 2016

*Review* SKRUB

A Permanent Place In My Bathroom

 The new scrub  that has appeared in my shower is the Sea Salt Body Scrub with Lavender by Skrub*. Skrub is a Australian company that makes simple and effective scrubs for your face and body. Using basic ingredients and a lot of love this scrub is suitable for even the most sensitive skin types. I was gifted the Lavender scrub and if you know anything about me then its obvious that I love Lavender, I think I say that every time I try something lavender scented!

Being a pregnant lady I have to be careful about what I can put on my skin, But Skrub has only good stuff in it. Coconut Oil, Lavender Oil, Sea salt and finely chopped Lavender plant is all that is needed to make this the most satisfying and nourishing scrub for one tired mumma.
Adding a little warm water from the shower the sea salt gently melts and makes it easy to apply all over my body and I can immediatly feel the coconut oil doing its thing.
I love that after I step out the shower my skin is already moisturised from the coconut oil and my skin smells clean and fresh from the lavender, cutting out the extra steps of applying a separate moisturiser and fragrance. #lazygirl
The rejuvenating properties of lavender is also a plus because I can massage it into those horrible stretch marks that have been appearing overnight!

The Body scrubs range from $8.95- $10.95 and in my opinion are completely affordable! Skrub also sell Rhassoul Morroccan Purifying Clay and a variety of Argan Oils for your face and body.

If your interested in checking out their online shop, click **HERE**

I know that I would love to try the Coffee Body Scrub- Orange and Coffee Body Scrub - Espresso. What do you want to try?

Have Fun!

Renee x

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