Thursday, 19 May 2016

Pregnancy Q & A

The Details.

I have always loved me a bit of trivia, so I am going to answer a Q & A for you, if you are curious enough...

How far along are you now?
38 weeks exactly

What were your first pregnancy symptoms?
I usually get a funny metallic taste in my mouth and random spotting.

What was your first reaction to your pregnancy?
I cried when the stick read positive, I was so happy!

 How have you been feeling?
Myself and my husband will admit that I don't do pregnancy "well." I get tired from low iron and my hips ache something terrible. Its been worse this time round, at least with my first pregnancy I could walk around the neighborhood, cant do that this time. 

 Do you still workout?
Nope. I continued going to the gym in my first trimester but then the morning sickness really kicked in so I had to stop going.

 Are you going to find out the gender?
Already have. Its a boy!

 How did you tell your families?
We waited until the safe 12 weeks but by that time they had kind of guessed anyways. my mum and dad are a bit cluey. We told Dans mum via phone call I think.

 Have you picked out names?
Yes we have but I find it easier not to tell anyone until after baby is born. I don't really want to hear other people opinions on what we have decided to name him.

How did you tell Daniel?
I thought I was being clever when I left the positive pregnancy test on the table so he could get home that night, look at it and be surprised. But instead he didn't notice I left it there and went straight to bed. In the morning I asked him what he thought and he had no idea what I was talking about! So I had to tell him then and there. So much for my surprise haha.

Who do you think the baby will look like?
Wouldn't have a clue. I think Esther looks more like Dan and his family so I'm kinda expecting the same for this little boy.

Will you be sharing weekly pregnancy updates on the blog?
No, but I have started pregnancy Vlogs that you can check out *here*.

Did you have morning sickness?
I had morning sickness during my first trimester. Nothing too bad just nausea and a little vomiting. The week my second trimester started, it went away.

Do you have any cravings?
Not anymore I don't think. In my first trimester I was feasting on salty crisps, Icy water and Apple juice. Oh and hot chips...
Come to think of it I am constantly in the mood for Butter Chicken Curry.

Do you have any food aversions?
Yes, but I have always disliked raw tomatoes :P

Weight gain so far?  
7 kg. Its all baby and fluid. I don't really put on weight easily.

Any mood swings?
Well... In my first trimester I can get really teary then snap to being really lethargic. In my second trimester I had heaps of energy and I was fine. Third trimester, Im just tired but not moody, I don't think.

How do you think Esther will react to having a little brother?
I think she will be ok. She is very caring and pats my tummy. I think she will possibly smother the baby with cuddles but perhaps dislike me giving it lots of attention.

That's all the questions I can think of! If you have any more let me know in the comments, Ill be glad to answer them.

Have Fun!

Renee x

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