Sunday, 3 April 2016

Skincare That Is 'A Bit Hippy'

Skincare For The Hippy Inside You

Its a special time when I find a skincare line that is a 'love at first sight" kind of thing. I found A Bit Hippy on Instagram and was shortly send a few of their products to review. A Bit Hippy do a bit of everything from Skincare, haircare, baby care and some makeup. They are an Australian made, cruelty free and vegan line that is suitable for all ages. A Bit Hippy believe that using natural ingredients in replacement of synthetics and chemical fillers is healthier for your skin and better for your well-being. 

 That being said, lets have a look at the Bubbles Without Troubles* from the baby range. The use of natural Glucose and Coconut based cleansers create a natural soap with lots of fun bubbles for bub. Rice Bran Oil is used to create soft and moisturised skin. 
I have been using this for a couple of weeks on a shower sponge (I prefer showers not baths) and I love how quickly this cream bubbles and pops on my skin. I cant seem to tire of looking at the lovely pictures on the packaging as I am standing in the shower either, I just love the labelling. The 500ml bottle will last me a while, which is a huge bonus as I don't like to rotate shower creams too often.

 The Soothing and Improving Moisturiser* is a natural based moisturiser for the body and face. Loaded with soothing and calming ingredients this cream has Aloe Vera and Liquorice Root and the result is soft and hydrated skin. This very thick cream comes in a pump bottle and has barely any scent.
 I have also noticed that I am not plagued by dry patches after using this particularly on my arms. My favorite benefit of using this cream on my body is the redness from dry and dehydrated skin has completely disappeared. That makes me a very happy hippy. 

 I am always on the lookout for a face moisturiser with that extra "oomph" during Autumn and Winter. Swapping my Spring/Summer light Jojoba Oil to the Don't Act Your Age Anti-Aging Moisturiser* has been a brilliant for my skin! According to A Bit Hippy the biggest factors of aging is too much sun, dryness and oxidisation. This natural cream is packed full of antioxidants such as liquorice root extract and Resveratrol. The vitamins and oils added help to prevent dryness and soothe sun damage skin. 
To use this I cleanse, tone, and apply a serum, then I get a pea size amount of the moisturiser and let it soften a bit on my fingertips. I then pat it on my face and wait a minute for this thick cream to start soaking into my skin, that's when I rub it it. Because of the thick consistency it takes a little time to absorb into my skin but its definitely worth it!

From the three items I have reviewed I am keen to try more. I am 'itching' to checkout the Natural Tinted Cover Cream and the Natural Lipsticks. 
Have a look at the A Bit Hippy Website and let me know what sparks your attention. 

Have Fun!

Renee x

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