Monday, 18 April 2016

Ego Skincare *Part 1*

This One Is For Babies

Having a young daughter I am always concious of what I put on her skin. And with another bubba on the way I have to careful what I put on his skin and on mine (during that lovely skin-to-skin contact).
The number one thing I look for is a fragrance free product... they bring Miss E up in little rashes. Well, Ego products don't have fragrance, or colours. They are pH balanced, meaning that they wont strip good oils off the skin and they are gentle and hydrating. 
The QV Baby Range come in all the things you need to get started with your babys' skincare kit (left to right): 

The QV Baby Gentle Wash* is a mild cleansing solution for bub and anyone suffering from exzema, psoriasis and dermatitis. It is suitable to use on the hair and body with a gentle foaming action. This comes in a 250g bottle and can be found at your local pharmacy and Priceline.

A hydrating and gentle cream comes in the form of QV Baby Moisturising Cream*. This is a tub that I am thinking of bringing in my hospital bag when I have bub as my own moisturiser. Any moisturiser that a baby can use is good for new mums to use too so that they don't irritate baby's skin. This concentrated formula is designed to protect baby's skin for 24 hours.

This handy little 50g tube of QV Baby Barrier Cream* is perfect to add to my nappy bag (or changing station). This rich and soothing cream is designed to protect babys' skin against nappy rash and other irritants such as chafing, eczema, heat rash and sensitive skin. It's an all-in-one cream that's handy-dandy!

A brilliant idea for bubs delicate skin is the QV Baby Bath Oil*. This water dispersible oil is a gentle cleanser for a nice warm bath. Being an oil it is also a valuable moisturiser for baby's delicate skin. This is especially good if you suffer from really dry skin in Winter.

Oh my goodness! Just writing this review on the QV range has made me that bit MORE clucky. Its a shame I have to wait a little longer to use these gentle products on my new baby boys skin. Next review is the QV Kids range that my daughter has been enjoying during her bath time, so watch out for that one!

Have Fun!

Renee x

To find your local QV stockists visit the Ego Website: ***HERE*** 

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