Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Ego Skincare *Part 2*

Fun For The Kids

In Part 1 of my Ego Skincare post I concentrated on the gentle and effective baby range, this time it's the bigger kids turn. The kids range is pH balanced and is suitable for sensitive skin including skin that is prone to eczema and dermatitis. (top to bottom)

The QV Kids Foaming Wash* is for the lovers of bubbles. This gentle formula comes in a foam dispensing bottle and is soap free. Kids can use this in the bath by dampening their skin and then rubbing the foam on their body before rinsing it off. This light foam can also be used to clean hair.

Miss E. has been using the QV Kids Wash* in her evening bath and I can attest to the fact that it is simple and it does the job. Don't expect a huge amount of bubbles in your bath with this wash but do expect a clean child! This kids wash can be used in the bath, shower or hand basin as an everyday skin wash.

The QV Kids Moisturising Cream* is a brilliant way to ensure that the kids have soft healthy skin. This easily absorbed formula is dermatologically tested to suit any skin type. Vitamin A and E are added in clever micro beads. I use this if Miss E has dry patches on her body or face.

To check out the Kids Range click **HERE**

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Have Fun!

Renee x

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