Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Native Box *Beauty* Spring 2015

Spring Surprises!

The Spring Native Box is here! Lets see what is inside:

Evohe 3.6.9 Omega: With active ingredients such as Brazil nut oil and Arctic Cloudberry seed, this hydrating serum has a number of uses. This can be applied during the day as a moisturiser or as a base for smooth application of makeup. I have a different serum on the go at the moment so this one will have to wait its turn.

Evohe Repair Intensive: This oily based cream is used as a repair treatment for sunburn, red inflamed or itchy skin, cuts, bites and burns. Calendula, Golden Seal and Gotu Kola has repairing and soothing qualities to the skin and I find this a very practical addition to the box as the sun has come out to play.

Ivadore Tanning Treatment: This colourless and odourless natural tanning lotion is a welcome addition to the box this season. The handy sample size means that I can get a few applications on before Christmas :) An all natural tanning lotion that is suitable for sensitive skin is great to try, its also suitable for face and body. This tan works over a period of 8 hours so its recommended to apply on clean and dry skin, wait ten minutes before dressing, sweating or getting wet.

Anerah makes a regular appearance in Native Box and this week we have received three of their products. The Relaxation Bath Salts have a gorgeous rose colour and contain Rosemary oil and Lemongrass oil for a relaxing scent. I honestly don't think I will be using these as I am moving house in a few days and there will only be a shower with no bath. Some lucky person will get these from me.
This Lavender Face and Body Scrub I will certainly use! I am a HUGE fan of body scrubs and when I get them in these boxes (or anywhere) I start them straight away. This particular body scrub can be easily used in the shower so its convenient for me and has a gorgeous Lavender scent from the Organic Lavender Essential Oil.
Anerah also added their Sensitive Face Mask which is a lovely addition. This simple mask contains two ingredients of Kaolin and Quartz, so no hidden surprises in there for those who suffer from sensitive skin. I will use this very soon as my skin is needing a bit of attention and relaxation.

There were quiet a few practical pieces in this box, which s great. I also appreciated the new brands that I haven't seen before such as Evohe and Ivadore. I have to admit that I was pretty underwhelmed when I first opened the box but as soon as I had good look and play with the products I am really excited to give them a proper go.

What did you think of this Seasons Native Box?

Have Fun!

Renee x

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