Saturday, 14 March 2015

*Native Box Unboxing* February 2015

Australian Brands At Their Best

It always feels like forever before my next Native Box is due.  This is one of those subscription boxes that I enjoy because I love finding out about new brands, especially Australian brands.

Natures Organic Sensitive Face Scrub: I have a few face scrubs at home already so this one may have to wait its turn before I remove the seal. This face scrub contains cooling cucumber and has 97% natural based ingredients. I think I may use this as a back-up scrub when I'm in-between buying my favourites.

Wotnot Facial Wipes: I don't usually use these little packets of face wipes, but lately I have been way to lazy to cleanse my face in the evenings that I may leave these on my bedside table. Wotnot wipes are probably the only face wipes I would use because they are void of nasties including petrochemicals, sulphates, parabens and artificial fragrance.

Anerah Organic Recovery Eyecream: Lately I have been really getting into eyecreams. At the moment I am using the Dr Hauschka Eye Balm, but since my daughter recently attacked it, the tub is looking a little empty. The consistency of this cream is super thick but still workable and compared the the Dr Hauschka Eyebalm it doesn't leave a sticky feeling on the skin. This brand is something I intend to look into a bit more.

Anerah Lavender Shower Gel: I'm looking forward to trying this as it smells fantastic! This shower gel has more than a Lavender scent. it has Aloevera juice, green tea extract and cucumber extract so it has a real botanical and luxurious fragrance. Love it.

Rainforest Remedies Lemon Myrtle Lip Balm: I recall receiving one of these in the Winter 2014 Native Box and I actually haven't used it yet. Looking at the ingredients I can tell this will be really good for my lips with Sunflower Oil, Macadamia Oil, primrose Oil and that's just naming a few! I may actually leave this one in my car, It will definitely get used there.

Sachets- Emma Organics Organic Facial Fluid and Emma Organics Hand and Nail Revive: I was really happy to see these because I have never tried anything from Emma organics and they seem to have a great reputation. Ill pop these in my suitcase and open them when we go away next week.  I'm particularly curious to see how the Facial Fluid goes. I do hope to get a full size  Emma Organics product one day in this box.

Australian Bush Flower Essences Body Love: This face moisturiser is packed with essential oils and organic ingredients. Because I received two face moisturisers in this box I will give this one a trial tomorrow. I hope it agrees with my skin.

I also received a $20 Gift voucher when you spend $50 or more. I may or may not use this. A lot of the time I kind of ignore vouchers of any kind because they have a crazy 'minimum spend' but this doesn't seem too bad. Ill see if I like anything of their site.

Verdict: I think this quarters box was ok. There was a couple of full sized products but then only tiny samples after that. I also noticed there was a few double ups on brands too, that's not a particularly bad thing, just something I noticed. I think I keep comparing it to the Winter 2014 Native Box (my first) because it was awesome! My favourite thing was actually the Emma Organics sachets, I can't wait to get stuck into these.

What do you think of this Native Box?

Have Fun!

Renee x

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