Monday, 9 March 2015

Stay At Home Mum Routine

Mummy Routine

Every mum has usually settled into daily routine. This is a comfortable routine that has kept me organised. 

7am: Miss E wakes up next to me and will usually just lie there cuddling under the covers.

7.15am: Miss E starts to get hungry so wakes us up by talking to us, gets out of bed and rummages through things in the bedroom making a lot of noise.
I finally get up and make Miss E either Cereal or Scrambled Free Range Eggs. I always have scrambled eggs and toast.

8.15am: Time to get dressed, this usually takes about 10 minutes (for both Miss E and Myself)

8.30am: Brush hair, brush teeth and cleanse face (lightning speed)

8.32am: Do the dishes and tidy up
8.40am: Head off to the gym with Miss E in tow leaving hubby in bed.

10.20am: Get back from the gym and have a shower to de-sweatify.

10.40am: I have a snack, sometimes a sandwich or left over dinner.

11.00am: Snacks over, tidying up done, now for general errands. Sometimes its grocery shopping or taking a trip to the laundromat to do a couple of loads of washing, we always take the wet washing home and dry it on the clothes line. It's cheaper and environmentally friendly. Sometimes when my husband isn't busy he will hand wash our clothes for us at around this time of day.

12.00 noon.Usually left over dinner again. We have a couple of nights of left over dinners in our fridge at one time so we pick and choose what we like. This takes a while as we don't have a microwave so we have to either heat the oven or heat on the stove top.
After lunch we usually hang out playing, I might catch up on some housework while hubby watches Miss E.

1.00pm:  At around this time I look for when Miss E may like to go to bed

1.30pm: Miss E Still not ready for a nap

1:40pm: Miss E Napping
Time to take a breather, during this time (2-2 ½ hours) Illdo some blogging or have a soy Milo while watching some TV, or knitting or cleaning the house-depending if I had time straight after lunch or have a quick nap. I have been known to do all these in the 2 ½ hours free time. Its amazing how much you can get done!

After Miss E wakes up I give her snack. I usually prepare a banana shake in a jug and keep it in the fridge during her nap time and when she wakes I blend it up. Miss E likes to sit on my lap watching Playschool/kids shows while drinking her Banana Shake.

Playing an unwrapping game. She loved it!

Homemade chips with dinner.

4.30-6.00pm: I prep dinner and make dinner. I spend an hour cleaning, doing dishes, taking out rubbish, feeding the cat, sweeping floors and bathing Miss E. And giving Miss E another snack, she likes strawberries and Greek Yoghurt.

7.15pm: Time to put Miss E to bed. She sleeps with us so we lie down together, I read her a book and sing to her and give her a cuddle until she lets me know she is ready to go to sleep. Then she kind of “kicks me out” This usually doesn't take long about fifteen minutes or so.

7.30pm: I make myself a White Tea, Grab a snack and grab either my laptop to do some writing or depending if I have had a stressful day I'd watch a movie or series on Dvd. This is also a time where my husband and I chill out together.

10.30pm: By this time I'm usually ready for bed. I make a drink of Spirulina, Vitamin C and Magnesium and gulp it down quickly (it doesn't taste nice but is amazing for my immune system) and quickly brush my teeth. I slip in bed next to Miss E and enjoy the fact that she is like a built in hot water bottle (because the nights are getting cold).
 I have a devotional app on my phone I read that then pray until I fall asleep..

Have Fun!

Renee x

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  1. Aw, I'm a stay-at-home mom, too! It definitely isn't easy, is it? I still don't know how we can cram all of that into 24 hours!


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