Monday, 16 March 2015

Moving To A New Town

Smile And Say Hello!

I thought I would do a different post today. I have just moved house and into a new town 6 hours away from family and friends. Why? My husband and I like the climate in south-west Australia (it's a lot cooler) and also on the search of finding a cool place to set up an eco/self sustainable farm we feel that the location would be better in the lush and moist forests.
I was a little overhelmed the first week coming down here. Dan and I were getting used to living together on our own with our toddler with no grandparents to keep company and I missed church the first week too. Meaning that I had 14 days of not having a proper conversation with anyone else but my husband. Gosh I love the guy, but seriously! Most of the time I'm OK on my own but I need that reassurance that I can visit a friend when I feel lonely.
So how did I handle moving to a small town, not knowing a single soul? Join groups!
After the second week of living here I had rapidly been joining as many groups as I could handle. I joined the library group where there are tonnes of mummys and babies and stories and songs. After an hour we go out side to the playground with a wonderful fenced area so that I can let Miss E run around and I can chat to the mums without worrying if she will run onto the road.
I also joined the local gym and go to classes 4 times a week, this is something I had to think about a bit (more like 2 seconds) because we could either afford a second hand couch or a 3 month gym membership. Naturally I chose the gym membership. Lets just say I had to put up with a numb bum from sitting on the floor boards for a few weeks. The gym is particularly great because it has a fantastic crèche for Miss E and she loves it when it's full of other kiddies. 
We also quickly joined our local Baptist church and the people there have truly blessed us with their friendship and willingness to make us feel welcome with buckets of home grown veggies and honey made from backyard bees.
I was never scared moving to  new town. I was ready and I had a plan. Join groups, say hello to the person in the street and if someone offers you fresh eggs from their chooks, say "yes please!"

Till next time.

Have Fun!

Renee x

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