Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Model Co Summer Look

Easy Peasy Makeup...

Today I thought I would have a play around with my Model Co Cosmetics. My aim was to use 3 main products to create a really simple and fresh makeup look using minimal products. This is really important to me because I often don't have a lot of time to apply makeup if I'm going out. 

A basic and natural makeup look.

The Model Co Shine Gloss* is very pretty. Even with minimal application the gloss leaves a super shine to my lips and looks very glam. This gloss is perfect to be worn alone or over lipstick for a gorgeous finishing touch. I wore the gloss on it's own because I hardly ever put lipstick on my lips for an everyday basis. This lip gloss is in "striptease" which is a light peach colour and leaves a 'barely there' shade on my lips. The formula is just sticky enough to stay on the lips but won't glue my lips together in a taffy-like mess. I don't really reach for lip glosses, but because of this brilliant shine that it leaves on my lips I am a bit addicted!

Swatch of Model Co Shine Lipgloss in Striptease.

I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of coverage Model Co BB+ Cream has to offer. I feel like I can really use this as a foundation and not bother with concealer (although if you have a few blemishes, concealers are always a life saver.) This BB cream is not sticky, greasy or drying. It's so light weight that it feels like I'm practically wearing nothing. An added bonus is that it's SPF 30+ so that means when I reach for this in the morning I will also be getting some great sun protection. 

Model Co BB+ Cream in Light

The Model Co Lash Extend in Black is my favourite item out of all these. I love the fibre lash technology I dont know how I will go back to just painting my eyelashes really. The fibres are so small that they create a clump free look and the application is so easy. I just built up the volume slowly and steadily without needing to wait for each layer to dry! To remove I used cold water on a cotton pad and gently wiped away ( even though the instructions said to use warm water, but who can really wait for the hot water to heat up?).
A favorite and I will be looking at repurchasing this when I have used this up!

Model Co is a PETA certified cosmetics company. They do not have any animal testing on the products from the manufacturing to the supplier or producer, nor are there any sneaky third parties doing their dirty work on animals. So if you prefer your brands to be cruelty free but easy to find in places like Priceline then Model Co is a good one for you.

What product do you like the look of?

Have Fun!

Renee x

*This product was sent to me for consideration, However my opinions are 100% genuine and honest.

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