Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Face Of Australia Compact Foundation

Couldn't Help It...

Last week I found myself in Target finishing up my Christmas shopping ( very early I know), and wandered past the cosmetic section. I only stop at three stands because I know that they are cruelty free, e.l.f, Australis and Face of Australia. I picked up and under eye concealer from e.l.f and this gorgeous looking compact foundation from Face of Australia.
I don't need any more makeup really, but the clever people at Face of Australia has decided to make the packaging of this particular product absolutely irresistible. Well done marketing team. The actual product itself is also great. The colour I chose was Ivory, It has a yellowish undertone to it and I will have to be careful at how much I apply on my blue undertone skin. But even so, the shade still works well on my skin. The cream turns into the much desired powdery finish when applied to the skin and never feels greasy or looks oily. On my skin the foundation looks natural and easily hides any uneven skin tone (which I am prone to), and has a gorgeous velvety finish. 
I love the pretty lace design on the lid and I think it should be a permanent feature on the Face of Australia products, there is definitely a bit of a gap in the market for gorgeous looking packaging on Australian brands.

Have you tried this compact? What do you think of the design?

Have Fun!

Renee x


  1. Happy Tuesday! This palette is so beautiful. Too bad, FOA is not available here in the Philippines.

    I am following you on BLOGLOVIN. I hope you can follow me back if you haven't yet. Thank you!


  2. totally agree with this post! so authentic and honest ♥ ♥

    New fun posts on the blog dear!


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