Friday, 17 October 2014

Makeup Brushes! Think twice

Natural vs Synthetics

Does buying 'natural hair' bristles contribute to the cruel fur trade? Are animals harmed in the making of  natural hair brushes. Every year Millions of animals are killed for their fur, even in use for makeup brushes. Goats, Badgers, Squirrels , Minks and Horses all unwillingly contribute their hair to makeup Brushes. Mink fur is often from the cruel fur industry in China. Minks are often captured and killed in the wild by drowning them. Small animals have also been known to be put in cages and gassed alive by breathing in hot exhausted fumes from trucks. Goats are seared like sheep and because the employees are paid by volume the work must be done quickly, often resulting in terrified animals left with cuts and other injuries.
Has your conscious been stirred yet? Even companies that claim to be cruelty free and 'pick up hair that has been gently brushed off an animal' are truly kidding themselves. All fur comes from fur farms and all these animals have greatly suffered.
So what can you as a concious consumer do? Easy! Buy synthetic. Not only are synthetic brushes more hygienic, I also heard through the (beauty) grapevine that natural hairs tend to shed a lot more than synthetic bristles. Doesn't sound like I am getting very good value for my money there.
I guess I wanted to write about this because I got a sample brush from Furless Cosmetics and it sparked my curiosity about makeup brushes and the origins of natural bristles. 

Furless Cosmetics are 100% vegan friendly. They have soft bristles and cool sleek handles. I have my eye on the Perfectly Pink Makeup Brush Set. Perhaps I should add it to my Christmas list?

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