Thursday, 14 August 2014

No $$$? No Worries!

A Savvy Way To Shop Online

Being part of a one income family, times can be tough. It's hard to keep up to date with fashion and have few item in your wardrobe that aren't faded, stretched or have a few holes in them. That's the truth. Spring is on its way and I love nothing more than collecting a couple of new tops that fit right and dresses that haven't been worn through. Having a baby can make clothes shopping a little difficult too, because sitting in a pram and watching mum rifle through the sale racks and try on countless tops and adding up the price in her head can be VERY boring for baby. This can result in a fussy baby and stressed mumma and no clothing being purchased, this very reason is why I have turned to shopping online.  Shopping online is a magical, wonderful place where I can sit in a comfy chair, hot chocolate next to me and spend a little bit of me time flicking through the sales and looking at the lovely pictures of all the pretty clothes completely at leisure.
However, online shopping can also be a maze of ads, companies that just don't look 'right' and poor quality clothes being delivered to your door. When I heard about Cuponation I was eager to have a look.
Basically Cuponation is a website Jam Packed full of shops and various coupon offers for each shop, kind of like your own personal coupon drawer.
There are already a few shops on their that I wouldn't mind browsing around a bit more like Lush, Priceline, ( and for those wardrobe essentials) Forever 21, Surf stitch and Ozsale.




  I had a look at ASOS and these a few items here I have my little eye on. What shall I choose to wear as a guest at a wedding this Summer? Thankfully I am able to save a bit of money while I shop for something new! Also I checked out a couple of cool Accessories from The Iconic, I'm sure I can mash up a cute look with these added bits and pieces.

                                Bangle                                                                                  Ring

What dress do you think?

Have Fun!

Renee x

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